Classic Car Selling Services:

Sunset Classics has extensive expertise brokering classic cars:

Sunset Classics utilizes three key factors to make sure your classic car sells quickly and for a price you are happy with.

Professional Marketing:

We create compelling pictures of your vehicle that successfully targets your audience and captures their attention. Every vehicle has "test-drive" video so that worldwide buyers have no reservations about the quality of your classic car. This method of selling results in quicker sales and more satisfied buyers. You will also receive these beautiful photos and video of your classic car at the end of the sale as a keepsake of your treasured classic car.


Because our company was founded by a mechanic who began his career by personally doing ground-up restorations, it becomes immediately evident to potential buyers that we at sunset classics know classic cars. The main point person for prospective buyers is John Snell. His expertise in classic cars helps buyers feel comfortable that they are getting straight and honest answers right from a knowledgeable mechanic. We also understand that your classic car is your pride and joy, and we honor that by presenting your car in the first-class manor in which it deserves.


We tap into a worldwide network of classic car buyers through on-line classic car auctions to provide you with the best chance of selling your classic car for the best price possible. Our past experience helps us advise you in regard to pricing, but we rely on you, the owner, to tell us what you need to get for your classic car. We take that as your bottom line and then work hard to get you your asking price. If our on-line auction for your car goes really well we are actually able to get you more than your asking price! Typically we have been able to sell customers' cars within 5-20 days using on-line classic car auctions with a reserve price.


How Do We Get Paid?

Our detailed and professional listings allow the car to sell quickly and for more money than you would be able to sell it for on your own. So we benefit from the value added by our services, and you benefit from your car selling quickly and easily at a price equal to or greater than your asking price! Each car is a different situation and price points can vary widely. Just give us a call to explain your situation and we can work together to find a good commission structure that works well for everyone.

Sunset Classics Now Offers Classic Car Appraising:

If you need a classic car appraised in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota find out more about our appraisal services here.

- John Snell, Founder of Sunset Classics


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