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Thinking of buying a car in the Minnesota area? Read about our car inspection service!

If you are thinking of buying a car near the Twin Cities, MN perhaps you would feel better about the deal if someone reputable could inspect the car for you in person. Buying sight unseen can be a practical way to find and purchase a rare car. This relatively new Internet practice often goes well, but there is the risk of unexpected consequences. (Even I was once scammed out of $7,000 by "buying" a van that turned out not to exist.) I can help reduce the risk of unforeseen events and help you better understand the condition of a vehicle by viewing a car for you in person prior to purchase.

Not only do we do classic car inspections but any specialty or modern vehicle as well. Here is an example of a 2006 Mercedes E55 AMG I viewed and photographed for a Gentleman in California. This Mercedes AMG was near St. Cloud, MN (which is about a one and a half hour drive from Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN). If there is a car in the area you are thinking of purchasing, I can check it out for you, give you detailed photos of features and imperfections, and make sure the car and potential deal are legitimate. I can even help you out with a shipping referral if needed. The price for this car check service varies based on your needs. I view all vehicles personally. Please let me know if I can help!

Text, email or call John Snell the Tenth - Owner, Sunset Classics. 612-805-2428

Thank you for considering Sunset Classics' car inspection services!

-John Snell, Founder of Sunset Classics

Here is an example of the most recent car we have inspected:

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