1997 Porsche Ruf CTR2 Sport for Sale

This Rare Street Legal Porsche Ruf CTR2 Super Car has Sold
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Only 16 CTR2 Sports Made! 580HP 0-60 in 3.6 seconds. Enough said!

1997 Porsche Ruf CTR2 Sport for Sale in Minneapolis

We have an exceptional 1997 "Yellowbird" Ruf CTR-2 Sport for sale. You now have a rare opportunity to own the fastest production car in the world in 1997. This ultra rare Ruf CTR2 Sport ranks right up there with Ferrari's F50 and Jaguar's XJ220. The CTR2's air-cooled engine whips out an impressive 580HP with 0-60 times under 4 seconds, and a blistering top speed of 217mph! There were only 16 of these street legal super cars made from 1995-1997 so this is obviously a really rare chance at owning a piece of automotive history.

This is the fastest car I've ever ridden in. Very few street legal cars match the twin turbo power of this 500+ hp engine. This all-wheel drive sports car has a reported 0-60 (97 km/h) in 3.6 seconds, and a 0-100 mph (161 km/h) in only 7.8 sec! This is not only a beautifully designed work of art, it is also one, SUPER fast automobile. 1995 saw the introduction of the CTR2 and the introductory model had a retail price of $315,000. This car has only 8.5k original miles since new, a beautiful sounding Blaupunkt stereo system and looks to kill. You are looking at a very fine investment opportunity for any Porsche enthusiast.

This is one of very few Rufs made. This particular car was owned by the brother of racing legand Steve Beddor. Steve also had a yellowbird Ruf and his car was featured in the magazine article below. In contrast to Steve's car, his brother Dave converted his car to more of a "comfort" version compaired with Steve's all out race car. Dave (the original owner of this CTR2 we have for sale here) ran the Pikes Peak in this car once (perhaps twice) but then he lost interest in racing. He had this car sent back to Ruf in Germany for some changes that would make the car more comfortable to drive. While the car was back in Germany some of the roll cage was removed, and Ruf added air conditining, power steering, power windows, comfortable heated seats, door panels and the Blaupunkt stereo system. Ruf also added their electronic clutch sytem (EXS). Ruf no longer supports the EXS system so that has since been converted to a far more practical standard clutch. It is still extremely fast but it is a more comfortable car now that can be enjoyed as a street car rather than as an all out race car.

Here are some more impressive statistics:

  • Quarter mile: 11.5 seconds at 126 mph
  • Top Speed: 217 mph (349.2 km/h)
  • Adjustable boost pressure
  • 3.6L twin turbocharged engine
  • Two KKK turbochargers w/ twin wastegates
  • Bosche motronic engine management system
  • RUF suspension
  • RUF integrated roll cage
  • Unique composite Kevlar bodywork

Please contact John Snell at - SOLD with interest or questions. Thank you for your interest in this extremely rare high performance automobile.

"We flattened onto the banking and exploded onto the back straight with the tach at around 7000 and the speedometer showed 340km/h. My God, I thought, these are Indy speeds. The yellow Ruf pegged its 350km/h speedometer and howled past the clocks with 336.1 showing on the board: 209mph. Paul Frere looked at me with a slightly manic grin and shouted over the earsplitting roar of the engine. "This is faster than I've ever gone in my life!" Not the kind of thing you hear everyday from a former Grand Prix Driver and Le Mans Winner who test drives every conceivable kind of car for a living."

(Peter Egan, Road & Track in reference to the original CTR Ruf)

Here is the "sister" car to the one we have for sale (Steve's car) in a 1997 magazine feature...

1997 Porsche Ruf CTR2 Sport European Car Magazine

And here is the Ruf we have for sale. Click an image below for many more detailed photos
of the interior and exterior of this fine 1997 Porsche Ruf CTR2 Sport

1997 Porsche Ruf CTR2 Sport Passenger Side 1997 Porsche Ruf CTR2 Sport engine
1997 Porsche Ruf CTR2 Sport Body Gallery 1997 Porsche Ruf CTR2 Sport Close-Up Gallery

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