1982 Delorean for Sale

This Classic 1982 Delorean DMC-12 has Sold
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26k Original Miles, 5 speed manual - and of course wicked Gull-Wing Doors!

1982 Delorean for sale

Here is a great example of the classic DMC Delorean for sale. This is a 1982 Delorean DMC-12 and it has the desirable manual transmission. This Delorean has been well cared for and it runs and drives great! You will love the way this iconic Delorean looks in your garage...

There are a few Deloreans out there for sale (some say around 6,500 of the original 9000 made by the Delorean Motor Company still exist), so how to choose the best one? Some Delorean cars seem to have quite a few issues. From my experience I have found that Deloreans with very low mileage tend to have mechanical issues due to non-use. This car has been driven enough to keep the mechanical components fresh and in shape. The cooling fan kicked on as it should after idling for a few minutes. The car starts right up and the idle kicks down on its own after warming up. The wipers, lights and other electrical components all are in perfect shape. This can be sold as a rare and unique DMC with no known issues. What a relief to find a car that can simply be purchased and enjoyed!

This Deloriain has working A/C, it has the correct jack and owner's manual, and it also comes with a collection of Delorean Magazines. As a testament to the caring ownership history this DMC also comes with its own car cover.

When I got in this car to go on a test drive I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. There is something about this car that makes people happy! It's a fun sports car and the manual transmission really helps the "get up and go" compared with the Deloreans fitted with an automatic transmission. So the extra pep and cool design (and sporty profile and fun gull-wing doors and low seats...etc!) really make for a SUPER FUN experience. This is a car that will put a smile on the faces of friends and strangers alike! There is no substitute for opening your garage and seeing this beautiful, stainless steel, historic Delorean sitting inside.

Please take the time to enjoy the photo galleries and the videos below. Feel free to call with any questions and thanks for checking out this classic 1982 Delorean! -John Snell - SOLD

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1982 Delorean for Sale 1982 Delorean Interior
1982 Delorean Body Gallery 1982 Delorean Close-Up Gallery

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