1981 Mercedes Benz 500SEL AMG for Sale

This is a Rare Gently Used Mercedes 500 SEL

One Owner Car, 64k Orig. Miles! Top of the Line Mercedes with AMG Performance Package!

1981 Mercedes Benz 500SEL AMG for sale in Minnesota

We have a very exciting used Mercedes Benz for sale. Any time you find a low-mileage, one-owner car it's worth taking notice. But this Mercedes Benz 500SEL AMG has other exciting features that make it even more tantalizing. This car was purchased new by a local enthusiast who was traveling overseas in 1981. AMG Mercedes were never imported in 1981 and so right away the new owner had something special. He had the car shipped back to the USA and has kept it ever since in his private collection of exotic cars. We currently have three of his exotic, low-mileage classic cars in our inventory. All three of his cars are very rare, extremely well cared for and are highly collectable. The VIN on the car is 12603712011384.

AMG Components include Wheels, Spoilers, Shift lever, and wood box under the arm rest. One of the many interesting and unique features on this car is the Hydroneumatic Suspension. This helps the sedan handle better than most sports cars. It is an absolute delight to drive. With its improved ride, better handling, and improved fuel efficiency over the previous W116 Mercedes line, you will be in one of the nicest classic Mercedes' ever built.

As you can tell by this car (and by the classic Porsche and Lincoln available from the same collection) the owner of these cars is very meticulous. In 1983 he had this already rare Mercedes treated to a $5,000 paint job. That value in today's dollars would likely be over $10k. The tires had become a bit stiff so the owner recently purchased 4 performance Pirelli tires for the car.

The engine is a 5L. Top speed according to carspecsdirectory.com is 232 k/hr or 143 mpr. Those speeds are without the added aerodynamics from the AMG package. The owner (and some research on-line) said this engine produces around 237 hp. The 4973cc engine was tuned by Mercedes for all 500SEL model cars and it has a lot of get-up-and-go.

Released in 1979 the W126 Mercedes Benz S-Class was more aerodynamic, fuel efficient, spacious, and powerfully engined. This 1981 Mercedes Benz 500SEL comes with the custom ordered AMG performance and luxury styling package. Here is what wiki has to say about AMG - the high performance devision of Mercedes: Typical AMG cosmetic and performance enhancements from 1979 to 1985, which could all be custom ordered by the buyer, included 15" or 16" ATS for AMG 5 spoked Penta wheels (this car has 17" AMG wheels), Recaro seats, painting of all external chrome parts to the car's body color or to black, an AMG steering wheel with a smaller diameter than the one that came standard with the car, lowered and stiffened suspension, aerodynamic AMG front air dam and spoiler kit, modified cams, a custom exhaust to increase the base horsepower (there are shots of the exhaust in the close-up photo gallery below), and in rare cases a 5 speed manual transmission.

The W126 line also introduced many notable Mercedes-Benz safety innovations, including the first airbag, supplemental restraint systems, seatbelt pretensioners, and traction control. These features combined with the luxury, styling, and handling improvements of the AMG enhancement leave you with the rare opportunity to purchase one of the finest Mercedes 500 SELs available in the World today.

The W126 was the most popular S-Class Mercedes ever produced and this particular Mercedes 500SEL shows why. It is sleeker and more aerodynamic than its predecessor, and it is therefore lighter and faster.

This may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Mercedes collector that wants something that will set him apart at Mercedes enthusiast car shows. Take some time to enjoy the two photo galleries below, check out the exciting videos of the car running and driving, and feel free to ask any questions if you have them. Good luck winning the auction on this classic 1981 Mercedes Benz 500 SEL! It would be a handsome and tasteful addition to anyone's car collection.

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1981 Mercedes Benz 500SEL AMG 1981 Mercedes Benz 500SEL AMG Interior
1981 Mercedes Benz 500SEL Body Gallery 1981 Mercedes Benz 500SEL Close-Up Gallery

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