1979 VW Bus for Sale

This Classic 1979 VW Microbus has moved on to Arizona

Nice T2b Bay Window w/ Solid Body, Complete Interior, Full of Good Karma and it Runs Great!

1979 VW Bus for Sale

Hey Bus fans I have a mighty fine 1979 VW Type 2 (T2b) Bay Window Bus for sale. This bus runs and drives great. I just put nearly $1000 into a tune up and other maintenance/upgrades to make it ready for the next owner.

If you are just looking for a bus to enjoy and drive for fun this one should be perfect for you. This is a 1979 passenger bus. 1979 was the last year of this classic body style. Is the most updated VW Bus complete with disc brakes and fuel injection. With this 1979 you will get the most updated mechanicals with the classic body style of the 1968-1979 VW Bus.

The interior is complete with all door panels, a good headliner, and front, middle and fold-down rear seat. It is blue with a red tape stripe. Some rust repair was done so now there is just about zero through rust on this bus. All the waves and thumbs-up I get show it's a real eye catcher for sure.

The best part about this bus is how well it runs and drives. The steering is easy and smooth. The shocks are good and it is really smooth going down the road. The brakes work well and even the emergency brake works. The bus has good tires and they hold air. I'm not sure about the horn as almost my entire vw collection has inoperable horns. And the radio works but the volume is pretty sensitive to the touch. There is one tear in the otherwise very nice headliner. There is some bubbling in the paint in a few areas so the paint isn't new but it certainly looks good going down the road. All the wheel wells are nice and solid. The frame is great and the floors and rockers are good with only some surface rust. About the only through rust on the whole bus is below the battery. As you can see the bus is mostly straight with only a minor ding here and there. The rear hatch and doors need a key cut for it but there is a working ignition key and the bus always starts right up. The muffler is missing the tail pipe so it's a bit loud if you're standing right behind it but it's not very loud when you're driving down the road as the engine is in the rear of the bus. I think an entire new muffler is only $129.99 at mamotorworks.com. The great thing about classic VWs is that parts and maintenance are very affordable!

Overseas and domestic sales are both fine as I have a clear title for the bus. Just look through the photo galleries below this written description so you'll know the exact condition of this classic Volkswagen Bus. As you can see my feedback is 100% positive and I'm fun and easy to work with.

Thanks for looking. I have several other classic VWs for sale on the Classic Cars for Sale page. I just sold the red vw bus shown in the gallery photos for $5500. I have a few VW Convertibles for sale at this Sunset Classics Web site too. Feel free to call or email with any questions. Good luck! -John Snell

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of the interior and exterior of this fine 1979 VW Microbus

1979 VW Bus for sale 1979 VW Bus interior
1979 VW Bus Photo Gallery 1979 VW Bus Photo Gallery

See this Classic 1979 VW Bus in action below:
Video shows engine running and full walk-a-round!

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