1978 VW Beetle Convertible for Sale

This fun vintage 1978 Bug Convertible has Sold
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California Beetle. New Carpet and Seat Upholstery, Runs Great!

1978 VW Beetle for sale

Up for auction is this classic 1978 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible. This is one of the most recognizable cars in history, and the convertible versions of these classic Beetles are a true icon. This is a car that you can jump in, drive and enjoy. It has new carpet, the front seats have been recovered, and it still has its fuel-injected engine. It starts up, runs and drives great.

I just had two new side mirrors installed so that will help with safety. These later bugs have a shoulder harness as part of the seat belts, and they have a softer dash and safer steering wheel compared with earlier Beetles. I prefer the convenience and reliability of the most advanced Beetles circa 1975-1979.

This is just a fun, reliable driver and not a show car. The car looks good from a distance and it's definitely presentable. But there are imperfections. I took photos of the flaws and they can be viewed in detail in the close-up photo gallery. The link is just below this written description. There is also a full-body gallery with a lot more photos. The original mileage is unknown but the odometer reads 30,884.

The floors were just replaced with factory stamped (correct pattern) floor pans. There are a few spots of rust in the wheel wells but the car is structurally sound. Sealing up the remaining spots in the wheel wells should keep the water out and the new floors will last for many years to come. (Replacing floor pans in these VW Beetle convertibles is common. Tops eventually go bad, water gets in, and the carpet stays damp and viola--rusty floor. I own a '75 Convertible Super Beetle and that car has new floors too). A new windshield gasket comes with the car as the front gasket was cut back when the car was repainted recently. This bug also has new support rails.

This car definitely has some selling features. It sure runs and drives well (see the test drive videos via the links below). The seats, carpet, and top should keep you nice and comfortable in any weather. Although the most fun times with these cars is obviously with the top down under the sun!

There is video to check out so you can hear the car run. This is a nice, affordable and reliable bug that could be driven and enjoyed for years to come. Call anytime with any questions. Thanks for looking and good luck winning my auction! John - SOLD

Click an image below for many more detailed photos
of the interior and exterior of this fine 1978 VW Beetle Convertible

1978 VW Beetle Convertible 1978 VW Beetle Convertible Interior
1978 VW Beetle Convertible Body Gallery 1978 Beetle Convertible Close-Up Gallery

See this fantastic 1978 VW Beetle Convertible in action below:
Videos show engine running, walk-a-round and more!

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