1978 Pontiac Trans-Am for Sale

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GM Fisher T-Tops, 6.6L 400 CI Engine, Shaker Hood, Snowflake Wheels, Beautiful Gold Firebird Trans AM!

1978 Pontiac Trans-Am for sale

I am pleased to offer one of the quintessential American Muscle Cars: A 1978 Pontiac Trans Am for sale! What makes this "quintessential"? For me it's the T-Tops, the eagle fire bird on the hood, and the 6.6L 400 CI egine with SHAKER Hood! Well, those attributes and the fact that so many of us had a toy or model of this car at some point. Well here's the real deal, 1:1 scale. This is one of those toys you can get in to and drive around. If you own it long enough you might even make money enjoying it. Either way, it's time to sell while stocks are high and invest in something more solid and fun: Perhaps it's time to try on a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am.

Every other Gold Trans Am I have seen for sale or at shows has had a tan interior. Tan sort of blends in with the gold and the entire car is too uniform for me. This car was likely special ordered as it has a nice, soft black interior. This black interior really helps the fantastic gold color "POP"!

This car features the deluxe chrome trim package which includes wide chrome molding on the tops of the doors, the tops of the fenders and chrome all the way around the hood by the windshield. The chrome treatment, the fisher T-Tops and six-colored Trans AM lettering and six-color Firebird on the hood all combine to make this Gold metallic 1978 Trans Am look great from any angle.

1978 is the same year as the Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am used in the movie. That movie helped to launch T-Top'ed Pontiac Firebird Trans Ams (and mustaches) into the psyche of every young child and man! Man I wanted a Trans Am. 'Must have been by age 5 I knew the words Trans AM! I'm sure this Firebird would provide you a ton of nostalgia too. There's even the opportunity to make some new fond memories...

The interior on this car looks completely original. The dash is nice and not cracked. The headliner isn't torn but it is coming off around the edges. The seats do show some wear but there are no tears in the fabric. The odometer reads 18,375 which is most certainly 118k. I replaced the door sills with new ones, and the surround for the shifter is also new. I also just replaced the weather stripping that goes under the t-tops and along the side windows. The car really looks clean with the T-tops off. As an added bonus they should seal up pretty well now too when they're on. There is a nice stereo with a tape deck in the dash (very '80s /'90s rockin') and of course rear parcel tray proudly displays two 6x9 speakers as viewed through that sweet back window. Oh yeah. Someone's growing a mustache.

The wheels are the factory snowflake style. The rear tires have about 1000 miles on them and there is an extra unmounted full-size tire in the trunk.

As you can see from the photos the paint is very nice overall. The exterior of the Trans Am has been repainted once and all the decals were new after the paint job.

This Trans Am has been in my own garage since I bought back in May. I've always wanted a "shaker hood" T/A, and man, this one was sure a fun find. It's been so fun having it represent Sunset Classics on facebook. That said, I have about 24 cars at the moment and this one displaces about two of my VWs. If I'm going to actually have a business of selling cars I can't keep 'em all. But I try, lol! Eventually I get humbled (and alerts from the bank and what have you) and I'm reminded I need to share in the pleasure of owning these awesome, inspiring, sometimes lucrative, always fun classic cars.

So, back to the story, this car was already painted when I got it back in May. I was impressed immediately with how well the paint lays on the car. Metallic can be a tough spray but whomever did this car did a great job. The previous owner added that the car was painted when he got it too. So it's been at least a few years since it was painted. It been garage kept and stored winters, even so there are a few imperfections in the paint. If I was to keep the car I would probably get a "Smokey and the Bandit" front plate to cover the holes in the very low front. Another notable imperfection is one by the passenger-side T-top on the center bar. You will see all the imperfections by going through the Close Up Photo Gallery linked below. Overall the car looks awesome. As a byproduct of my enthusiasm I shot over 800 pictures of this in the 6 months I've owned it. MAN! But I took out the duplicates and found just over 300 shots that will help you fully appreciate the car. Just page through the two photo galleries below this description and you'll have a very good feel on what to expect when this car arrives in your driveway!

Here is my impression of this Trans Am after owning and enjoying it for the past 6 months. I work from home and I have a lot of cars to choose from, yet I put 785 miles on it since last may. This car has been a blast to drive. Everyone that views it stops in their tracks to have a look. So that's the reaction from me and others. From a more techical aspect: It's a mostly original car. Except for a repaint, the tape deck and the few new items I added this car is basically original. (I added door sills, T-top weather stripping, shifter surround, arm rest, front hood chrome and door edge chrome, just for the record.) The 6.6L 400 CI engine starts right up and the car runs great. The suspension feels largely untouched and the car can be a bit clunky going down the road. I am waiting for side window weather stripping and once that is installed the door panels should tighten up to the doors and that will help the car feel and sound better. The new T-top weather stripping I just added should help with the smoother ride feel too. (I haven't driven the car since installing the weather stripping since they just put salt on the roads.) The automatic transmission shifts well and the car has plenty of power. The car will "mark it's spot" when parked for a while. But I haven't had to top off fluids since I've owned it. It's been a great car for me and It's been a pleasure to own.

This is a nice, highly optioned Trans Am. This is an A/C car though it has not been converted to the new system and the belt is off of the condensor, but the system looks complete. The car also has cruise control but it needs a little electronic clip installed to work again. The piece needed is in the armrest counsel. Personally I've enjoyed having full control of this awesome speed and power with the gas pedal!

So that's all I can think of for now. If you have any specific questions I would be happy to answer them the best I can. You can hear the 6.6L 400 CI engine run in the videos below the photo galleries. I went overboard with photography so you have over 300 photos to help you assess the condition of this 1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am for sale!

Thanks for checking out this listing, -John Snell 612-805-2428.

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1978 Pontiac Trans-Am for sale 1978 Pontiac Trans-Am Interior
1978 Pontiac Trans-Am Body Gallery 1978 Pontiac Trans-Am Close-Up Gallery

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