1977 VW Westfalia Camper for Sale

This Classic 1977 VW Westfalia Camper Bus has Sold
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Almost all Original Paint, Excellent Condition!

1977 VW Westfalia Camper for sale

We are happy to offer this beautiful and extremely well maintained 1977 VW Westfalia Pop Top Camper Bus for Sale. This classic VW Camper Bus has been family owned for 25 years. It is mostly original paint, it has a new 2.0L engine, and it runs and drives like new.

1977 is one of the most desirable years for VW Campers because of the full double bed in the Pop Top, the powerful 2.0 liter engine and the smart and convenient layout of the sink and cabinets. The family that has owned this VW Bus for the past 25 years is very involved in aircraft so they understand the importance of maintenance. This VW bus has been maintained better than any other vehicle I have ever represented!

This classic VW Camper Bus has never been used for an errand runner or as a daily driver. It has always been used for cruising long trips and for camping. Not being used much for stop and go around town driving has really helped keep the transmission, clutch, suspension and steering in such good shape. The entire family was very conscious of oil weight and climate because the family is involved in aviation so a strict regimen was always followed. At least every 3000 miles they changed the oil and filter with 5 50 oil (or to whichever weight oil was best suited for the climate during travels).

This 1977 Camper Bus was purchased new in California and it stayed with the original owners for 8 years. The couple moved to Wisconsin and had twins or triplets! The original owners therefore ran out of seat belts as the story goes. It was then purchased by the father of the current seller. This father treated the camper bus as if he would own it for the rest of his life--and he did! His two sons have both owned it since. The entire family is into flying so the regimen of disciplined maintenance has been consistent ever since this family took ownership 25 years ago.

The new 2000cc engine was purchased from a Denver automotive supply warehouse at 150k miles. The engine came from a company called DVK and it was built in Belgium! The new engine was installed by a VW Dealership in Omaha, NE. When the folks at the dealership laid their eyes on the gold shrink wrapped carton containing the brand new engine they genuflected (bowed) several times!! The engine was probably intended for use in a Porsche 914. Anyway the new engine was installed and the family continued on their trip stopping to adjust the valves every few hundred miles until the new engine was properly broken in.

The air craft background I've mentioned has helped this VW Bus out beyond scheduled maintenance. They learned the importance of warming up an airplane before heading to the runway, and this family always let the engine warm up before revving it over a fast idle so that oil pressure and temperature have a chance to reach ideal conditions. Similarly after coming off of the highway the engine was never shut right off blazing hot. Instead the bus was always allowed to run with the cooling fan blowing air over the cylinders for a few minutes before turning it off.

The current owner bought this VW Camper Bus from his brother (for a dollar) and his brother received it from their dad. The first Brother to own it drove it to the Grand Canyon and back. This brother was over 6 feet tall so the ceiling above the driver was raised about an inch and a half to provide an even more comfortable cabin for those with a long torso.

The front window rubber and the rear rubber around wing vent windows are in good shape. The rear window rubber does have some cracking. The windshield is almost new but it does have one chip in it as shown in the close up photo gallery below. The small dent in the front was from hitting a bird. The sink has a vice grip since the handle was broken. The top canvas looks very good The front passenger seat was reupholstered and it was this reupholster job that lead to the discovery that the father was color blind! He picked out the fabric and it does not match lol! The front seats have comfortable covers that are certainly functional as is.

The bus has new fuel lines and it has almost always been garage kept. The exhaust is almost new and it's a simplified system for affordability. The CV joints and boots are ok and the steering has always been lubricated. The entire vehicle has been enormously well maintained. It always starts and there has never has been a trouble with starting.

The alternator is new last year, and the starter motor is new last year and the fuel pump were all replaced all before they failed (with aircraft you don't wait until things fail to replace them).

The body is excellent and is almost entirely original paint. The only spot that has been touched up is a small area on the rear driver's side. There is one tiny bubble near the front driver's door that I didn't even notice when doing the photos, but it has not gotten any worse in the past 25 years. The owner actually has oiled wherever he can on the inside cavities of the body to help prevent corrosion! The frame and all panels on this bus are in excellent condition. This VW Camper Bus is in amazing condition.

As I mentioned, the father in this family had the intention of keeping this forever and he treated it accordingly. This can be purchased knowing that it is almost guaranteed to last longer than you will. They don't make them like this anymore and they never will again. Finding such well kept examples is very rare, but here is your chance to own a piece of history that you can use for a very fun future.

-John Snell - SOLD

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1977 VW Westfalia Camper 1977 VW Westfalia Camper Interior
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