1977 VW Bus Automatic for Sale

This Classic 1977 Automatic VW Bus has SOLD
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Rare Automatic, Rebuilt Engine, Rebuilt Transmission, New Tires, Original Interior, Original Paint

1977 VW Bus Automatic for sale

This is a beautiful, amazingly original 1977 VW Bus with automatic transmission for sale. This bus has a rebuilt engine, rebuilt automatic transmission, new tires, and it starts, runs and drives great.

Sometimes, on very rare occasions, multiple anomalies all culminate onto the same vehicle. Such is the case with this automatic 1977 VW Bus for sale. This bus still proudly wears all of its original 21 H Chrome Yellow paint! It’s amazing and hard to believe, but all of the yellow/orange paint you see on this VW Bus for sale is original. With original paint you know you don’t have poor bodywork hiding under new paint. What you see is what you get with this VW Bus. You wouldn’t expect 34 year old paint to be perfect, but the paint on this bus is certainly very impressive. The white part of the bus was carefully painted in 2010.

The body on this bus is in excellent shape. The long sides of the bus are nice and straight – they are not full of door dings like you see on so many other VW buses for sale. This bus was purchased new in Long Beach, California and the bus lived much of its life in California. The great condition of the original dash and interior, and the impressive condition of the original window rubber on this bus point to a dry, secured garage-kept life.

Another amazing, rare, and irreplaceable anomaly is that this 1977 VW Bus has every receipt for it since new! Receipts show everything from the automatic transmission rebuild to the very recent engine rebuild in late 2010. For convenience, a four page summery showing every receipt, date and subsequent repair has been cataloged.

Yet another rarity is that the same loving family owned this bus from the day it was new in 1977 all the way through 2010. That fact also speaks to what a loving and well cared for life this bus has had.

The other rarity not specific to originality but to production numbers is that this bus has an automatic transmission. I am a huge fan of VW Buses, and at Sunset Classics I specialize in VW Buses for sale. Yet this is only the third I have ever seen in person, and this is only the second automatic VW Bus I have ever offered for sale. (The other VW Bus I had for sale sold within days of listing.)

This is an enormously well cared for original that can be enjoyed exactly as is. If you are looking for a perfect 100-point show vehicle, this isn’t it. But this is a great running and driving, very peppy VW Bus that can be enjoyed exactly as is. Some fun facts about the bus are that the original owner used to climb up onto the step before sitting downward into the driver’s seat in order to avoid wearing the outside edge of the driver’s seat. The rare, original middle was in the basement of the granddaughter of the original owner when the bus was purchased from the original family in 2010. It still has a moving sticker on it from when the family moved to Minnesota. The seat belts for the rear seats were removed when new and kept safe in a box until 2010. You will notice the “PRESS” button on the rear seat belts is bright and vibrant in color, and that’s why.

In the rear of the bus the rear seat folds down to make a nice, large bed. This was a factory (or dealer) option, and all parts to make this rear bed function as new come with the bus.

This truly is a once and a lifetime offering. Finding an automatic VW Bus in great condition is very rare. Finding a VW Bus in original paint is getting less common by the day. Finding any classic vehicle that has been family owned for almost its entire life with every receipt since new is not only uncommon, it is a nice bonus and it ads to the unique history of this particular VW Bus for sale. Perhaps your family will be the next owners to enjoy this automatic 1977 VW Bus for the next 34 years!

There are two photo galleries just below this written description showing every inch of this classic VW Bus in detail. Also please enjoy the fun videos below the galleries. After checking out all of the photos feel free to call with any questions! Thank you for checking out my listing, and good luck winning the auction on this rare and well cared for Classic 1977 Automatic VW Bus for sale! –John Snell - SOLD

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1977 VW Bus Automatic for Sale 1977 VW Bus Automatic Interior
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