1974 VW Bus Pop-Top Camper for Sale

This is a Classic 1974 Westfalia Pop Top Camper Bus
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Strong running 1700cc Engine, RV hook-up - Priced to sell!

1974 VW Bus Pop-Top Camper for sale

I am happy to announce we have another 1974 VW Pop Top Camper Bus made by Westfalia for sale! I have a hard time keeping up with the demand for the VW Bus (especially the pop top camper bus) but here is a nice affordable option for someone who is just looking for a cozy "driver". This isn't a show bus but I'm sure if you show this VW Bus to your friends they will love it.

I got this VW Bus in last fall and over the winter I had my mechanic rebuild the engine. It now starts right up and runs and drives and is ready for the next owner. The interior has been carefully refurbished by a father and son team who really cared not only about comfort, but also about the cool factor.

The pop top canvas is new and it is nearly perfect, the interior is a cool and soft blue, there are mood lights and the sink and refridge were removed to make for a more roomy and comfortable living space in the main cabin. The rear bed folds down into a super soft bed suitable for two and the pop top has another full bed that can sleep another two adults! There is a RV hookup enabling the electrical plugs inside the van to be used as if you were in your own living room. The back cabin light works and there is a table that props up so you can have a meal or play cards in a very comfortable setting. The screens on the bus are all intact and the rear hatch even has the bug screen so you can camp with the full ventilation of the rear opening without having to worry about insects! These VW Camper Buses are so cool and it's no wonder they never last long for sale.

Not only are there cool rope lights in this VW Camper Bus but there is also a flash light wired in and it is held in a convenient place right under the dash board. This VW Bus would be a blast at a drive-in movie, and if you could take it camping by a river or lake (or Ocean!) the fun would be endless. I would call camping in a VW Bus "convinience camping". As soon as you wake up in the morning there is no tent to pack, you can just hit the key and you're back on the road even if your better half is still asleep in the back! I suppose for safety's sake you would want all occupants seat belted in and sitting upright but you get the idea...

The Father and Son team that did such a good job on the interior didn't do as great with the paint preperation. The welding was done satisfactorily and the body is still nice and straight since it hasn't ever been hit but there are cracks in the paint all over from filler that wasn't applied correctly. But that is what is keeping the price down and if you are just looking for a fun camper that you don't cringe if you have to drive on a dirt road then this bus will fit your needs perfectly. A repaint would put this bus way up in value so if down the road you wanted to fix it up the value should keep right up with your expenses.

Have a look at the videos and please check out the closeup gallery as I went way out of my way to photograph the imperfections. The engine is a 1700cc and it starts right up as soon as you hit the key. The exhaust makes some noise and it could benefit from a new muffler. But since the engine is so far back it isn't too bothersome when going down the road. The pop top is a bit tough to raise so the rear hinges could use some attention, but I have been able to raise the top by myself every time.

This bus isn't perfect but it's refreshing to see one for sale under $7000. Most of the VW Buses we sell (especially the VW camper buses) are $10k and up!

If you have any questions just let me know! I have it priced to sell pretty quickly since I need to get better at moving the inventory quickly. I tend to fall in love with everything we get in lol and that is perhaps part of the reason I have had this since last fall and it is just coming up for sale here this June! Thanks for checking out this classic VW Camper Bus!

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1974 VW Bus Pop-Top Camper 1974 VW Bus Pop-Top Camper Interior
1974 VW Bus Pop-Top Camper Body Gallery 1974 VW Bus Pop-Top Camper Close-Up Gallery

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