1972 MGB Convertible for Sale

This is a Fun Classic '72 MGB Convertible
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Everything new including interior, paint, wire wheels and top!

1972 MGB Convertible for sale

We have a very nice 1972 MGB Convertible for sale. This car has enjoyed the same owner since 1986! The length of ownership should be evidence enough that this car has been loved and well cared for, but further evidence can be found by the many improvements the owner has made to this MGB over the years.

Nearly everything you see in the photos has been replaced or refurbished by the owner at some point. Every year the owner would make improvements to the car, and since he owned the car for over 3 decades he got to nearly everything! The paint job was one of the latest upgrades as it was completed less than 2 years ago. The MG was sanded down and resprayed in the original (and fairly rare) color turquoise blue.

Here is a list of some of the other things that have been done to this classic MGB:

  • New classic wire wheels
  • New tires
  • New seat upholstery and a new dash
  • New convertible top
  • New brakes (with silicone fluid)
  • New clutch
  • New front shocks and new rear springs
  • New drive shaft
  • New exhaust system and muffler
  • New lenses, mirrors and chrome windshield wipers.

This is a 4-speed MGB with dual carbs so it has plenty of pep, it is a very fun car to drive. 1972 was before anti-pollution restraints so this car isn't bogged down with emission restraints like the later cars were.

Another nice feature is that this car has been converted to use one 12 volt battery. The ignition has also been upgraded to a 12V electronic starting system. It fires up the second you hit the key even after a long winter. This little MGB has been driven approximately 500-1000 miles every summer and it has been stored in the winters during the entire time this seller has owned the car. The odometer worked when the car was first purchased but it has since stopped clocking mileage. The odometer reads 93k but the actual mileage is closer to 110k.

Some classic cars are so nice that it is hard to enjoy them. This MGB is the perfect combination of beauty and usability. It's not so nice you won't ever want to drive it, but it is nice enough that you can feel proud when you do.

You can feel confident driving this car anywhere. I also know of some good shipping companies should you decide to ship this car to your door. Either way should you decide to purchase this MGB you will be a happy soul.

Call or email with any questions. - SOLD -John Snell

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1972 MGB Convertible 1972 MGB Convertible Interior
1972 MGB Convertible Body Gallery 1972 MGB Convertible Close-Up Gallery

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