1971 VW Beetle for Sale

Half Restored - Half Original! Plugs into wall and the lights flash. Runs and Drives!

Unique 1971 VW Beetle for sale

I have a very unique 1971 Volkswagen Beetle for sale. You may think the car has a split personality and it does! This VW was used as a demonstration of what can be done to a car needing restoration, and now it's for sale as a super fun and very unique VW. And it is also very effective for drawing a crowd. When I first got this car in there were a group of 10 people standing around it as soon as it arrived. Folks were calling their friends to tell them about it, they were taking photos with their phones...it was quite a sight. It is also very effective in showing people what can be done with their prized but dilapidated vintage automobile.

How did this vehicle come to be?? The automotive division of an excellent local Worldwide company headquartered here in the Twin Cities built this car for trade shows to showcase what can be done with their versatile, high quality automotive products. Now this classic VW Beetle is available for any body shop or VW enthusiast to use as their own show car. It even has a power converter in the trunk so you can plug the car into any wall outlet to run the headlights and flashers! This car would even look great in your living room :)

As you can guess, this is a car that stops people in their tracks. It is a great advertising tool and if you buy this already made VW you won't have to go through all the trouble and expense of creating one yourself.

The car has a clear title, current plates and it runs and drives. There are some wires that need to be plugged into the wiring harness in order for all of the electrical to work as it should, but this bug runs, drives, idles and stops.

If you have any questions feel free to call me up. I think it's safe to say you probably won't find another car like this anywhere in the World!

Thank you for your interest.

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of the interior and exterior of this unique 1971 VW Beetle

1971 VW Beetle for Sale 1971 VW Beetle Interior
1971 VW Beetle Body Gallery 1971 VW Beetle Close-Up Gallery

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1971 two-tone tradeshow VW Beetle engine running, walk around and flashing lights demo videos   
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