1969 Bay Window VW Bus for Sale

This is a Very Original 1969 VW Bus

Very original, great compression, duel port 1600cc motor

1969 VW Bus for sale

This is perhaps the most original VW "bay window" bus I've put up for sale. The paint is original and it has a decent and very complete interior. The current owner swears that the 39k on the odometer is original. I have no way to verify that claim but either way it is a nice bus. An inspection under the passenger seat in front shows the jack still clamped in the original factory location.

1969 is a great year for all classic cars, and VW buses are no exception. This year bus still has the easy-to-work-on upright engine--the same engine that was in the VW Beetle and Karmann Ghia. The tires are good on the bus and it looks as if the front shocks were replaced recently. The bus does go down the road smoothly and it starts the second you hit the key.

All seats and door panels are still intact. The middle seat isn't clamped down but the clamps to hold the seat to the floor come with the bus. One feature I have not seen before is a matt/cushion that folds out to extend over the rear seat when the rear seat is folded down. That way you can sleep comfortably in the rear of the bus. The back of the back seat isn't clamped in exactly as it should be but that should be an easy fix for the next owner.

The things that I noticed that are not perfect with the bus are the air vents on the front door panels (the passenger side is loose and the driver's side is missing). The handle for the slider on the inside of the bus is missing so you will need to reach either through the window or through the front door to let yourself out. I guess that's one way to child proof that door :) There are a few dents and dings as you can see from the photos, but the dent on the passenger side rear could probably be popped out from the back since that area is pretty accessible from the battery location. The bus still has the original radio.

The engine in the bus is excellent. The compression is 135, 135, 135 and 140. Even 125 lbs per square inch is good and this compression is about the best you can get. The engine does not have a block number so the engine was a replacement block at some point. This is not uncommon since there is easy maintenance that needs to be done every 3000 or so miles, but if that isn't addressed the engine will have problems. The good compression makes me think the engine was replaced not many miles ago. The carburetor does leak some gas so that should be addressed in short order. There is a gasket that goes under the carb that could need replacing, or there may be a stuck float in the carb. Either fix is easy and not expensive. The engine is a duel port 1600cc. A complete used car check was done on the car and the report can be viewed at the end of the closeup photo gallery.

A school in Arizona owned this bus prior to the current owner. He said they testified that the low mileage was original and it sounds as if very few miles were put on the bus for the entire time the school owned it. There is a very faded AAA sticker on the back door that shows that at some point the bus lived in Washington State. Both of those locations are great places to find classic cars and the super solid body is a result of living in such temperate climates. There is one very small rust hole just below the vent window on the sliding door. Other than that the bus is super solid. The floors under the front matt still have shinny blue paint on them! Overall this is a very nice bus and it is definitely priced to sell.

Take some time to go through the photo galleries below and feel free to call or email with any questions or to reserve the bus for your collection. I sell cars all over the World so I can refer any buyer to a good shipping company if needed.

Thanks for looking! -John Snell

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of the interior and exterior of this fine 1969 VW Bus

1969 VW Bus 1969 VW Bus Interior
1969 VW Bus Body Gallery 1969 VW Bus Close-Up Gallery

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