1969 Porsche 912 for Sale

This is a Cool Classic 1969 Porsche 912
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Rare Tangerine Color, 38k original miles, Exceptional Example of a Classic Porsche 912!

1969 Porsche 912 for sale

We are pleased to offer this superbly maintained rare colored 1969 Porsche 912 for sale. We've had a number of very nice Porsche 912 in our inventory over the years and this is the first of this color. This 1969 Porsche 912 is Tangerine in color with a Black Leatherette (vinyl) interior. It is chassis serial number 129023414, engine number 409666, and paint code 6809. The car has 38,676 documented miles as shown by receipts. The options on the car include a 5 speed transmission, Blaupunkt radio (currently not working), 5 Fuchs alloy wheels (6x15 inch), rear chrome accessory bar between the bumper guards, Hella 169 fog lights, halogen headlights, and rain tray under the engine lid.

There have been three long term owners of the car which originally was sold in Michigan. The first owner had it Ziebart rust proofed in 1970 as shown by the receipt and the tell-tale Ziebart yellow body plugs found throughout the chassis. The Ziebart did its job as the chassis is rust free. The very low miles also contribute to its clean rust free condition as well. All of the body panels fit as they should, doors close with a "ping" and the gaps are correct. There is no record or tell sign of any accident damage or repair.

The car was repainted in 1990 in its original Tangerine color. The new paint job is excellent although just a little deeper in color than the original paint. None of the door jambs, underside of the front hood or the underside rear engine lid were painted and they show the original paint extremely well. All of the chrome is in excellent condition with no pitting or scratching. Some of the rubber trim was replaced when the car was repainted. There are two spots that look like a small bubble - one under the left headlight and the other on the lower portion of the right front fender. As there is nothing on the backsides of these two areas, they are most likely from improper body preparation for painting. These two spots are very localized. The windshield is not an original but all of the other glass is original.

The interior is all completely original with no changes/modifications. There are no tears in the seats, there is no fading of interior pieces nor the carpets or floor mats. The entire interior is near perfect or as original except for one small dash crack near the radio speaker grill. There is even a slight hint of "new" car smell still present. Everything works in the interior except the original radio.

The front trunk has a new Perlon (original type material) liner as the original was slightly stained. The jack is present and there is a near new Optima battery installed. The trunk light under the hood works when the lights of the car are turned on. The tool kit is still in the original plastic Porsche logo wrapper and it appears the tools have never been used - there is not one smudge of any kind on the kit. Go find this anywhere!

The rear engine compartment has a new insulation liner (original type material) and all of the hoses/oil lines on the engine have been replaced with original type. There are no modifications to the engine of any sort. The engine was recently taken out to be cleaned and then resealed. All of the maintenance on the engine is up to date and invoices show the work done.

All other mechanicals of the car are in proper working order. There are no present or foreseen repairs necessary except perhaps the radio. Over the past 12-15 years a factory trained Porsche mechanic has faithfully maintained this car. With all maintenance/repairs only Porsche parts have been used. There are maintenance records from 1970 to the present starting when the car had approximately 12,600 miles.

This is a one of a kind car very nicely preserved over the decades - it is time for a new owner. Enjoy the two photo galleries below and let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to reserve this car for your collection. Thank you for viewing the listing of this original Tangerine Porsche 912 for sale! -John Snell

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1969 Porsche 912 1969 Porsche 912 Interior
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