1968 Buick GS California for Sale

This Classic 1968 Buick Gran Sport California is No Longer for Sale

Buick 350 wide block Engine, sold with the original wheels

1968 Buick GS California for sale in Minnesota

We have a nice 1968 Buick GS California for sale. The car does originate from California and most of the body is nice and solid because of it. The original wheels go with the car instead of the chrome wheels that are shown in some of the photos (see the lower of the three photo galleries below for photos of the car with the original wheels). The seller believes the mileage to be original at 96k.

I love the design of the '68-'69 GS. The sharp back window and the aggressive front and rear corners show muscle even when the car is silent and still. When the engine does fire up you hear the purr of the Buick 350 wide block. The engine starts right up and it sends power to the rear wheels via the 2 speed power glide automatic transmission.

This is a nice, comfortable driver. It's not a show car as it is meant to drive and enjoy. It has a cd player for cruisin those miracle miles and the 350 wide block power to kick back some country roads. If you want to restore the car it would need a trunk floor and a front seat (to be correct), though the front seat has been treated since many of these photos were taken so it is no longer as spotty as it looks in most of the photos. But the rockers and wheel wells are nice and solid and the car is quite straight.

It is always my goal to give potential buyers as much information as possible to accurately describe each car I sell, but it does require going through all of the photos in the photo galleries. I took photos of every inch of the car so please check out the shots in the close up photo gallery below before bidding so you will know exactly what to expect when the car arrives at your door. There is also a full body gallery showing the aggressive stance of the Buick GS against some nice farm equipment. While you're down there check out the video showing how easily this car fires up and comfortably drives away down the gravel road...

Thanks for checking out this '68 Buick GS California, and good luck winning this auction! -John Snell the Tenth.

Click an image below for many more detailed photos
of the interior and exterior of this fine 1968 Buick GS California

1968 Buick GS California 1968 Buick GS California Engine
1968 Buick GS California Body Gallery 1968 Buick GS California Close-Up Gallery
1968 Buick GS California Fuchs
1968 Buick GS California Original Wheels Body Gallery

See this Classic 1968 Buick GS California in action below:
Videos show car starting, running, driving and a full walk around

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