1968 AMC AMX for Sale

This is a Rare 1968 AMX 390

Detailed 4-barrel AMC 390ci V8 Engine, Perfect red Interior!

1968 AMC AMX for sale

We have a rare 1968 AMX 390 for sale. The AMX name originates from "American Motors eXperimental", a code used on several early prototypes developed by AMC. These were part of the company's attempt to change its "economy car" image to a younger more performance oriented market. Nearly every one of the 19,134 that AMC built between 1968-1970 remains in circulation and in increasing demand. This car was number 5459 out of those 19,134 off the production line. Rest assured there is a very good future for the first-generation AMX as a collectible muscle car - and now is the best time to buy for a great investment. Although low in production, the AMX has the advantage of numerous shared parts and components with other AMC models so parts availability is reasonably good.

This 1968 AMX is a very nice classic 2-seater sports car with a 4-barrel AMC 390ci V8 Engine sporting 315HP and a forged steel crankshaft. This rare little racer has been meticulously taken care of, it has a very clean detailed engine bay and near perfect red interior - and would look great with you behind the wheel.

Take a minute to hear the engine purr in the videos below. It purrs like a kitten...well, like a big kitten that can turn into a lion with the press of the accelerator.

I looked up what is included in the "Go Package" (originally called the Power Pack) and this car fits the bill. You can't tell via the VIN if a car had the Go Package, but items like the tachometer that goes to 8000rpm, over the top roof stripes and the 390 V8 engine all point to GO PACKAGE!

This car looks great and is highly detailed inside and out from top to bottom, and the car drives like a dream. The passenger side inside door lock is broken (the plastic piece) but as far as I can everything else on the car is working as it should. Oh, and it drives like a really FAST dream! If you've never driven an AMX with one of these 390ci engines you are in for a real treat. The throttle is like a smile dial :-)

This is an investment grade AMX. In a better economy this car could pull mid-$30s on upward. I've included a current NADA price guide at the end of this listing for your convenience. With the buy-it-now priced below average retail, this is a great time to buy and obviously we have the car priced to sell.

So check out the two photo galleries, watch the test drive video and other videos below, ask any questions prior to bidding and good luck winning this auction!

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of the interior and exterior of this fine 1968 AMX

1968 AMC AMX 1968 AMC AMX
1968 AMX Body Gallery 1968 AMX Close-Up Gallery

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See this Classic 1968 AMX in action below:
Videos include test-drive, undercarriage, walk-a-round and more!

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