1966 VW Deluxe Microbus for Sale

This is a Nice Classic 1966 Deluxe VW Bus
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Walk-through Deluxe Model, New Paint, Brakes, Interior, Engine and Rebuilt Transmission!

1966 VW Deluxe Microbus for sale

I am fortunate enough to offer this beautiful 1966 VW Deluxe Microbus for sale. I purchased this bus in February 2010 and have since overseen the restoration for the past 7 months. I bought the bus from Arizona and it was still in original paint. Jeff Gagnon of Sioux Falls, SD did the paint and body and it now has a fresh coat of its original colors of velvet green over pearl white. The dash and interior of the bus are still in original paint.

Deluxe Buses are the top of the line buses. They are more valuable and desirable than the more common "11 window" standard or Kombi model buses. Deluxe buses have one more window on each side, and because of this Deluxe models between 1964-1967 are referred to as a 13 window bus. This bus is lucky enough to have the option of three pop out windows on each side, so not only is the viewing and riding pleasure nicer in this bus vs a Standard or Kombi, but the air flow is also better.

Only Deluxe Buses came from the factory with ornamental trim along the belt line, bumpers, and rocker panels. The rocker "spears" accent the bottom of the bus between the front and rear wheels, and together with the other aluminum trim pieces they really make a beautiful design. The belt line trim on this bus has green beading in the center, which really accents the velvet green paint very nicely. Don't be fooled by an 11 window with belt line trim. Volkswagen never made 11 window buses fitted with deluxe trim, though I have seen restoration shops advertise an 11 window as a Deluxe simply because they added belt line trim. They way to tell a Deluxe is that it has windows all along the side from front to back with no metal panel the size of a window at the rear of the bus.

So not only is this 1966 VW Bus a desirable model, it has a completely new drive train. This bus has a new 1600cc Mexican engine and a rebuilt transmission. The transmission was rebuilt with a lower 4th gear so the bus can cruise highway speeds more comfortably and with less effort. The lower 4th gear lets the bus cruise faster at lower RPMs vs the stock gear ratio. You may remember back in the day these buses had a hard time pushing 55 mpr. The lower 4th gear ratio really helps the bus travel calmly at modern highway speeds.

Along with the new drive train and new paint, the interior on this bus has also been restored. This is a walk through model of the iconic VW Bus meaning that you can walk through the bus from the front driver's seat all the way to the back of the bus without getting out of the vehicle. This is a rare option. Most Volkswagen buses have a front bench seat so travel within the bus is limited. The walk through option is very nice to have (especially if you have kids) and once you become aware that this option exist you likely won't be as happy without a walk through model.

The front seats and door panels are restored in the original material of mesh platinum over platinum silver. The headliner is brand new as are all of the window and door rubber on the bus. The bus comes complete with the rear seat and 2/3 middle seat correct for a walk through version. The front and cargo area mat are new.

The van has new brakes. Even the emergency brake works. The van starts up and runs well. And it goes without saying that everywhere I drive in this Deluxe VW Bus I get huge smiles and waves. I have put about 400 miles on it in the past three months. It is a blast to drive!

There are a few finishing touches that can be left to the new owner but the bus can be driven and enjoyed as it is today. I have the interior panels that go behind the front seats but I have been too busy to install them. I think the van could use an alignment to drive more comfortably. The steering has more play in it than is ideal so that is either an adjustment, or a new steering box could be installed for better steering. A radio delete plate could be purchased and painted to make the dash look more complete. I have not bolted down the rear and middle seat, and I have planned to put new seat belts throughout but I have not had the time to purchase and install those. These are all minor and inexpensive items, but I have been so busy with my Sunset Classics business that I have not had the time to button up these last few items. These few things can give the next owner a chance to bond with the bus, and obviously all of the hard and expensive items have already been addressed. The bus is certainly breath taking exactly as is.

Let me know if you would like to reserve this classic Deluxe VW Bus for your collection! -John Snell

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of the interior and exterior of this fine 1966 VW Deluxe Microbus

1966 VW Deluxe Microbus 1966 VW Deluxe Microbus Interior
1966 VW Deluxe Microbus Passenger Side 1966 VW Deluxe Microbus Interior

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