1965 VW Bus for Sale

This is a Cool Classic 1965 21-Window Deluxe VW Bus
But take a look at this restored 23-Window bus for Sale!

Skylights, Sunroof, 1776cc Engine, Safari Windows, New Tires, a True Rare and Desirable Classic!

1965 VW Bus for sale

Sunset Classics presents this beautiful 1965 VW Bus for sale - We are finally fortunate enough to be able to sell another 21 window VW Bus! In all of my years specializing in the classic VW Bus, this is only the second 21 Window bus I have had for sale and I've had the pleasure of selling a lot of VW buses. These buses rarely come up for auction, and finding one in as good of condition as this one for under $50k is a rare opportunity indeed. Combining the nostalgia of the VW Bus with the free feeling given by the skylights, sunroof, and front safari windows are an irresistible combination. Don't miss your shot at this beautiful example. These 21 window VW buses never stay with us for long.

This is a 1965 21 window VW Bus. This VW Bus features the extra horsepower of a 1776 cc high performance VW air cooled engine. If you have never drive or ridden in a VW Bus with a larger than stock engine you are in for a thrilling ride. We just had brand new tires fitted to the Porsche Fuch wheels. The rear brakes have new wheel cylinders and new shoes so you will have the stopping power to match the increased horse power of this bus. The transmission was just taken out and new seals were installed so the transmission should be all set for another few decades. While the engine and transmission were out we had the engine compartment detailed and painted. This Volkswagen bus will really draw a crowd at the next car show (or where ever it goes). It's really a nice, great looking classic VW 21 window bus that runs great!

The interior is in excellent condition. The headliner, seat upholstery, door panels and floor mats are all very nice. This bus is complete with nicely reupholstered very hard to find middle seat. The photos in the close up gallery speak for themselves. The side windows pop out and the front windows are the coveted "Safari Windows", meaning they pop out forward when you want that open air feel! With the sunroof open and the windows popped you will be driving (in my humble opinion) in the nicest, most fun classic VW Bus ever produced! The values on these window buses have continued to climb, and as more people are reminded of how cool these rare VW Buses are, this fun bus should also make for an excellent investment. If you can afford it, you really can't go wrong with this one.

The "sporty" look of this 1965 VW bus comes from its lower than stock stance. No cutting was done to lower the bus so it could always be put back to stock height if desired. But the advantage to the lower stance is you have a lower center of gravity for improved handling. The trade off is that the ride is bumpier. The rear has air shocks so those can be adjusted with an air hose similar to filling a tire. The 1776cc engine is great for performance, looks and sound. If a more traditional power plant is your preference, the bus could be sold instead with a 1641cc engine complete with stock heater boxes for an additional $1700. Personally I love the look, performance and thrill of the existing 1776cc engine.

Fitting with its image, this bus is a true California VW and it has the body to prove it. The frame and body on this bus are in excellent shape. There is one spot under the battery that was corroded, but a low-tech fix of sheet metal now secures the area. The rest of the bus looks great top and bottom. There is no replacement for original metal and this bus looks to have all of its original panels. It's a true, original, rust free survivor. You can view even more detailed shots of the undercarriage in the close-up photo gallery just below this written description.

If you would like to know more about this 1965 VW Bus, please check out the additional photos in the two photo galleries below, enjoy the videos of the bus running and driving, and if you still have questions or if you would like to reserve this bus for your collection, the buy-it-now option assures this one won't slip through your fingers! - John Snell. Thank you for checking out this classic 1965 VW Bus for sale!!!

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1965 VW Bus 21-Window 1965 21 Window VW Bus Interior
1965 VW Deluxe Bus Body Gallery 1965 VW Deluxe Bus Close-Up Gallery

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