1965 Porsche 356C for Sale

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Features new brakes, a rebuilt engine, original interior and a beautiful finish!

1965 Porsche 356C for Sale

We have a coveted early Porsche 356 for sale. This is not a kit, but an original, all metal 1965 Porsche 356C. These cars are extremely fun to drive, and the value of these early Porsches has really been increasing continually. So not only is this a fun and exhilarating car, it's a thrilling investment opportunity. This particular Porsche 356 features the following:

  • All New Brakes in 2006 (lines, pads & master cylinder, and rebuilt calipers. Very expensive but now all new!)
  • Recent Tune Up (carburetors tuned, valves & timing adjusted, new condenser, spark plugs, points, cap, wires...)
  • 94,062 Original Miles
  • 1600cc Engine Rebuilt at 75k miles
  • Original Blaupunkt Radio - Works!
  • Original Interior with Fully Reclining Front Seats
  • New Battery Spring of 2007
  • Runs, Drives and Looks Great
  • Same Owner Since 1990

According to the previous owner the engine was rebuilt at 75,000 miles. The car currently has only 94,062 original miles and it runs, shifts and drives great.

The tires are German Firestone Radials. There is an original gas heater with the car. It may work but the owner is unsure how to operate it and hasn't given it a try. As shown in the photos, there is fuel in the reservoir for the heater. The original radio is still in the car and is fully operational. Again, this is an extremely original Porsche 356.

This little 356 runs great. The engine starts right up and purrs like a Porsche should. The interior is original and has held up very well considering it's been 42 years since it was installed. In my eyes it's still nice enough to enjoy, and the novelty of such an original car adds to its value. This car appears to be completely original except for the paint. In the Fall of 1990 this Porsche was stripped down to bare metal, and over the following winter the car was worked to perfection by an expert body man. The paint was applied in the spring of 1991 and as a testament to the quality of craftsmanship, the paint as a whole is still in great shape. There are a few flaws here and there (a small carburetor fire bubbled the paint a bit on the motor lid). But as a whole the car really looks excellent.

I took lots of pictures of the solid floors and longitudinals and put them in the close-up gallery. The only area of rust found on the car is directly under the battery. I've repaired this area on a 356 before and I would estimate it to be about a 5 hour job. (The outside finish coat would not be affected since this area is just in the bottom corner of the trunk.) If you hire a shop at $50 per hour I would guess you could get this welded for about $250. Then just brush paint black, undercoat and it's as good as new. The bar that holds the battery is not affected by this area so that's nice. The wheel wells, longitudinals, rockers and the rest of the car appear to be in great shape.

When the car was being assembled after the 1991 repaint the owner didn't install the window trim, but like any methodical owner he has kept track of this original trim all these years and it is included with the car. And the only thing that I am aware of that needs attention on the whole car is the driver's side window crank. The rest of the car works great and is in very nice, original condition. This car starts, runs, and stops great and will be a thrill to own and drive for many years to come.

Please be sure to ask questions before bidding. This car is for sale outside ebay and there is already a lot of interest, so the auction may end at any time. (Don't wait to bid if you are truly interested.) Please view the photo galleries, enjoy the videos and good luck getting this little Porsche in your garage!

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of the interior and exterior of this beautiful 1965 Porsche 356

1965 Porsche 356C 1965 Porsche 356C Dash
1965 Porsche 356 Body Gallery 1965 Porsche 356 Close-Up Gallery

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Videos include virtual test-drive, drive by, walk-a-round and more!


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