1964 Ford Thunderbird for Sale

This is a Cool Classic 1964 Ford T-Bird

Cool rap-around rear seat, novelty crank out vent windows, duel horns!

1964 Ford Thunderbird for sale

We have a nice classic 1964 Ford Thunderbird for sale. This model Thunderbird has the cool rap-around rear seat, the novelty crank out vent windows, duel horns, sliding steering wheel and many other cool features. All of the turn indicators work, the odometer works, the night vision rear view mirror is operational, and she drives down the highway like a floating luxury cruise liner.

This car is extremely solid. The floor, wheel wells, rockers, and undercarriage all look GREAT! The power brakes work well. There is also power steering!

The current owner put in a new fuel pump, and also added the padding that goes under the hood.

She does take a while to warm up (for the most get-up-and-go), but she idles fine right from the start. Like most old Classics, this T-Bird drips a little bit of oil to mark its spot in the garage. The windshield washer fluid has never been filled by the current owner so therefore it hasn’t been tested.

The current owner hasn’t had the opportunity to utilize this fine classic, and therefore feels it should go to a new owner who will have more time to drive this highway cruiser. There is the smell of gas when she’s filled all the way, but the problem is most likely in the neck. After a few miles the smell goes away so the tank is probably fine (especially considering how solid this car is!). And lastly the shifter needs to be just a touch to the right of “park” when starting (there is an adjustment under the hood, so if this bothers you it’s an easy fix).

This is really a great example of a 1964 Thunderbird. If you have any specific questions please ask. Keep in mind this car isn’t perfect, but she’ll retain her value and probably continue to appreciate over the years.

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1964 Ford Thunderbird 1964 Ford Thunderbird
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See this Classic Ford Thunderbird in action below:
Videos include virtual test-drive, drive by, walk-a-round and more!


Below is the NADA Guide for this 1964 Thunderbird.
There are two engine horsepower sizes. Below is the value for the 300HP, we are unsure at this time if this T-Bird has the 300HP or 330HP engine. Values for the 330HP engine are $8,809, $16,403, and $29,835 respectively.

1964 Thunderbird nada guide
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