1956 Porsche Speedster Replica for Sale

This is a Beautiful Classic 1956 Porsche 1600 Speedster
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Rebuilt Porsche 912 engine, Upgraded Suspension for Tight Cornering

1956 Porsche Speedster Replica for sale

This is a beautiful and very well crafted 1956 Porsche Speedster Replica for sale. We have had the pleasure to sell quite a few of these beautiful Porsche Speedster replicas, but this one is far and away the nicest we have offered for sale.

There are a lot of features that put this Porsche Speedster Replica above many other replicas out there for sale. Most of these kits have simple fiberglass seats covered in padding. This Speedster was owner built and he put in countless upgrades for improved comfort, handing, and rigidity. This beautiful recreation has comfortable seats from a Triumph Spitfire and they have springs! This makes a huge difference in comfort compared with almost every other Porsche Speedster Replica for sale.

The other major upgrade is that this Speedster is powered by an actual Porsche engine. A Porsche pressure plate and clutch match the 1971 IRS transmission with a powerful Porsche 912 engine. Spent exhaust exits through a modified Porsche 912 muffler so this recreation looks and sounds like an actual early Porsche!

A beautiful folding black convertible top comes with the car, as does a unique and classic tonneau cover. The triple black color combination on this classic Porsche Speedster is both striking and classic.

There are many Porsche items on this car to help this replica look like an original Speedster. The front turn signals double as running lights, and they are the classic amber style beehive Porsche indicators. The kit came with cheap front and rear turn signals, and like so many other improvements on this car, they were discarded in favor of more authentic Porsche parts. The rear brake lights / turn signals are actual OEM lenses. The headlights are standard sealed beam. The rear deck lid features an original Porsche 356 grill, a modified-to-fit luggage rack from Vintage Porsche in LA, and a license plate light that turns on when the car is in reverse. The aluminum rear deck lid grill had to be cut and welded in four different places to shorten it slightly so it would fit this replica. This is very characteristic of the time, patience and dedication that went into this build.

There have been several hidden modifications to the body on this replica to help with safety, handling and rigidity. Steel reinforcement has been fitted to both the front lower lip and to the tail of this Speedster. On most fiberglass speedsters the front and rear of the car can flex if pressure is applied to the area. This car has been treated with specially fitted steel that strengthens the nose and the tail. The bumpers have been tied to this reinforcement and the bumpers are connected to the frame. The bumpers are extremely firm and sturdy, and that is a real rarity in any fiberglass Speedster replica. Additionally the areas behind the doors on both sides have been reinforced with steel to help in the unlikely event of a side impact. These improvements also help firm up the car to reduce the risk of cracking or spider-webbing. There have been countless improvements to the frame and body and the result is a car that handles and shows better than almost any other Porsche Speedster for sale.

The reinforced black body sits on a restored 1971 Volkswagen chassis. Any VW chassis after 1968 has an independent rear suspension (IRS) transmission, and the IRS style transmission in this car is far superior than a "swing axle" rear suspension. Earlier swing axle transmissions (used through 1968) had the risk of the rear wheels tucking under the car during tight cornering. In addition to the improved stability with this type of rear suspension, the addition of thick anti-sway bars both front and rear really help this Speedster corner well. The builder wanted to maintain the look of the original Speedster so he went through the effort of changing the brake drums to the 5 bolt pattern correct for an original Porsche Speedster. The car uses standard brake lines, and all the parts you see are still readily available.

There is a working radio in the car, and speakers are conveniently and tastefully located behind the door panels. The gauges are VDO and include oil temperature, head temperature, tachometer and speedometer. The dash pad is as new and the entire interior is in great condition. The front seat belts are classic Corvette and they retract when not in use.

The underside of this Porsche Speedster Replica is as nice as the top. The tube frame of the body has been tied into the chassis, and everything is clean and detailed in black. This is a beautiful Porsche Speedster inside and out, top and bottom.

The Porsche 912 engine has electronic ignition, so there is no need to worry about maintaining or adjusting points. Webber carburetors were modified to fit on the stock intake manifold. It took almost a year of tweaking the carburetors to get this car to run perfectly, but the builder finally switched from Solex to Webber carburetors and that really helped the engine run smoother. Like many classic cars, the engine does drip a bit of oil but the engine has been upgraded with new valve guides, teflon valve seals, Moly type chromium rings, and other improvements to help it run reliably. The builder wintered in Arizona so there is an external oil cooler which helps keep the oil temperature under 190 even on hot days.

The paint is really nice and it shows in the photos. There are a few small imperfections (small stone chips) but you have to get up very close to the car to see any imperfections. The car looks great from even just 5 feet away. Below the passenger door are a few chips from the seat belt that still need to be touched up, but they are very low on the car and even these are so unnoticeable that the seller didn't know they were there until I pointed them out. Overall the paint looks excellent. A good buffing would really put this already great shine out into the stratosphere. As it is now it shines even in very low light. With the running lights on this is one of the nicest silhouettes in all of automobile history.

This is a car you can jump in and drive exactly as is. This would make a great gift or a spectacular addition to any collection whatever the reason. Please take a moment to view the photo galleries so you can have a close look at every part of this spectacular re-creation. Enjoy the videos and call or email with any questions. Thank you for checking out this 1956 Porsche Speedster Replica for sale! -John Snell

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1956 Porsche Speedster 1956 Porsche Speedster Interior
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