1949 Packard Custom 8 Limousine for Sale

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Stunning rich blue paint, comfortable plush interior, classic Packard style!

1949 Packard Limousine for sale

Here is a beautiful 1949 Packard Custom Eight Limousine for sale. It is reported that fewer than 50 of these sleek Packard limousines were manufactured. These custom limousines were only built for special customers and Harry Truman is said to have had one of these eloquent automobiles.

This particular example is the nicest one I have seen out there for sale today. It starts right up and it runs drives comfortably. The car can be used regularly exactly as it is. The photographs can speak to the condition and I have prepared two photo galleries showing both the gorgeous body and also every small detail up close and personal.

The following information is from a Packard aficionado who is writing a book about rare Packards. I sent him the entire photo shoot on this car and it is to be featured in his book! So that is exciting for everyone. He asked for the number on the plate attached to the passenger side firewall (which read 2250-2006) and this is what he wrote in his reply:

"That is the correct number. And it is close to what I expected. This car was a leftover 1948 model renumbered to a 1949 as 2250-9-2206. From the other indications, such as the embossed number on the firewall, I felt it must have been an early 1948 car but it was even earlier that I had thought. Which is good, as it tells me what features a very early car had. The number 2250-2006 tells us it was the fifth limo built (numbers started with 2001). It is the earliest currently known Custom Eight Limo. Cars number 2250-2001 and 2250-2002 were White House cars. As a mater of fact, late in 1949 five more 2250 limos went to White House service. Who knows, 2250-9-2206 could have been one of them."

So this Custom 8 Limousine is indeed a rare find, and the price is very reasonable as well. We had the car at $25,000 and even at that price the author of this forthcoming book said the car was well worth the asking price.

There are videos and plenty of photographs in the photo galleries just below this written description that you can view via the links below. So you can hear the purr of the Packard 8 cylinder engine running and also view nearly every inch of this car so you can bid and buy with confidence.

I sell cars to all parts of the World and I am happy to refer the winning bidder to a reputable and affordable shipping company if shipping/delivery is desired. Feel free to call or email with any questions. Thank you for checking out this listing of this rare and classic 1949 Packard Limousine! -John Snell

Click an image below for many more detailed photos
of the interior and exterior of this fine 1949 Packard Custom 8 Limousine

1949 Packard Limousine 1949 Packard Limousine Interior
1949 Packard Limousine Body Gallery 1949 Packard Limousine Close-Up Gallery

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