1949 Buick Special Sedanette for Sale

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Same owner since 1974, Originally from California, Recently Serviced, 78k orig. miles!
The original interior is just under the '70s velvet coverings!

1949 Buick Special Sedanette for sale

This is a nice looking 1949 Buick Special Sedanette for sale. This has been with the same loving owner since 1974! But during the first part of its life this Buick Special was living the dream under the ownership of a lady living in Los Angeles, CA. There is still an oil change sticker in the door jam showing this classic 1949 Buick Special was serviced right on Hollywood Blvd.

This 1949 Buick has the factory 248-cid straight eight motor which was standard on all Buick Specials of this era. The straight eight Buick engine produces 110 hp and it delivers power to the rear drive wheels through a three-speed transmission. The engine number of this particular ’49 Buick is 52468544 and the VIN is 15028983.

The current owner purchased this ’49 in 1974 from his Dad’s business partner. The Buick served as his wheels during the last three years of High School in a small farm town in central Wisconsin. But since the owner lived only two blocks from High School, he walked every day. As a result only about 2000 miles were put on the odometer of this Buick during that time. After the owner went away to college, his father and brother would take the old Buick out a few times per year to keep things fresh. But even so, the odometer still only shows 78,898 original miles.

Recently this nice looking Sedanette was serviced to help it start up and run smoothly for the next owner:

  • The original gas tank was removed and refurbished.
  • The carburetor was also removed and refurbished.
  • New brake lines were installed.
  • A fresh battery rounds out the recent service.

As a result this ’49 Buick starts, runs and idles beautifully.

You can watch the videos below to hear how well the classic straight-eight Buick engine starts up and idles. The clutch chatters a bit when releasing but once the car is shifted it cruises down the road quietly and effortlessly. Riding in this ’49 Buick is like going back in time to a simpler life.

As you will notice in the photo galleries, the original interior has been recovered. But fortunately the original door panels, carpet and seat upholstery were left in place and are hiding under the ‘70s décor! Even the original headliner is still in place just under the velvet material. It is possible that this redecorating may have even helped to preserve the original fabric interior. If the next owner desires, he or she can “unwrap” the original interior like a Christmas present!

I have taken the time to photograph nearly every square inch of this classic 1949 Buick Special. Take some time to page through the photos in the Close-up Gallery just below this written description to get a better feel for the exact condition of this Buick Sedanette. The undercarriage and wheel wells all look solid and sturdy. (There is some peeling undercoating underneath the car but don’t let that fool you into thinking it is peeling metal—it is just some undercoating flaking away.) There are some imperfections in the paint, but the car is certainly impressive even in its current condition. And as far as originality goes, this Buick has never had any radical customization or street rodding. The classic white wall tires and the beautiful, rich Royal Maroon color make this car look like it is right out of the late '40s.

Thank you for checking out this classic 1949 Buick Special Sedanette for sale! Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to ad this classic to your collection.

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of the interior and exterior of this fine 1949 Buick Special Sedanette

1949 Buick Special Sedanette for sale 1949 Buick Special Sedanette Interior
1949 Buick Special Sedanette Body Gallery 1949 Buick Special Sedanette Close-Up Gallery

See this Classic 1949 Buick Special Sedanette in action below:
Videos include test-drive, drive by, engine running and more!

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