Classic Car Appraisal Services:

Sunset Classics has extensive expertise appraising the value of classic cars:

Sunset Classics now officially offers classic car appraising services. If you have a classic car and if you need a car appraised for any reason we provide proffesional classic car appraising. Appraisals are $300 and include a realistic retail value, an insurance value for both replacement and how an accident will affect the overall value of the car, value trends and other useful information regarding your prized classic or exotic car. An appraisal can act as an additional insurance policy to help you deal with your insurance company in the event of a loss or accident.

Thank you for considering Sunset Classics' classic car appraisal services!

-John Snell, Founder of Sunset Classics

Here are three examples of the many specialty and classic cars we have appraised:

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