1987 Jaguar XJ6 for Sale

This Exceptional Example of a 1987 Jaguar XJ6 has Sold
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61,000 Orig. Miles, Original Paint, Rust free body - a Luxurious classic Jaguar!

1987 Jaguar XJ6 for sale

I am pleased to offer this 1987 Jaguar XJ6 for sale. This XJ6 stands out from the rest in that it has the original British Racing Green paint, it has very few original miles, and it has no rust! It's a great, original and well cared for classic Jaguar.

It is always nice to buy from a collector and enthusiast. The owner of this classic Jaguar XJ6 collects Jaguars (E-types and others) and he also collects Rolls Royces and other exotic cars. Classic Jaguars are his passion and this car has been treated with the same care he gives every car in his collection. This XJ6 comes with the original owner's manual, past receipts and a cover cloth.

The original British Racing Green paint and rust free body are great attributes to this classic XJ6, but even more exciting is that everything works on this car! The trip computer works, the central locking system works, the cruise control works, the power windows, sunroof and mirrors all work. The dual gas tank crossover switch works and if you look closely at the fuel filler areas you will notice they are as clean as a whistle. This XJ6 features a Nardi wood steering wheel and the ash trays have never been used.

The low original miles coupled with the caring ownership history have both worked towards providing the care-free and enjoyable car you see here today. If you are the lucky next owner you will be the direct beneficiary of the great care and love that has been given to this car over the past 33 years. This is a car you can get into and relax and enjoy exactly as is. Having all of the unique features of this XJ6 working upon purchase will help assure you will have nothing to do except slide into the nice, original leather interior and enjoy the driving experience given by this beautifully designed Jaguar XJ6 sedan.

This XJ6 features the classic "telescoping" steering wheel, a beautiful leather interior, and the original radio with cassette player. The interior is in great condition. The current owner treated the seats and door panels with leather conditioner each fall before putting the car into storage. Each spring the owner again treated the leather with conditioner when it was removed from storage. This is the type of care you would like someone doing to your future prize. It is as if you had people working for you behind the scenes for years keeping this car in tip top shape so it will be in the nicest condition for you upon your taking ownership.

The original paint is in good condition given its age, but please take the time to go through the photos in the close up photo gallery below as I have gone out of my way to show each and every imperfection. There is an area on the body near where the battery is located that at one point probably got a splash of battery juice. Other than this one area the imperfections are very minimal. The interior is almost perfect but the headliner does sag over the rear, passenger side seat. If desired, new headliner material is around $160 and it could be installed fairly easily by any do-it-your-selfer.

If you are familiar with the Jaguar XJ6 you will know the typical trouble areas on these cars. Rust is a huge problem on many but take some time to look through the close-up photos on this car and you will be impressed with how well this car has aged. The areas around the front and rear windows on the body are in excellent shape. Really every part of the body and interior on this classic Jag are impressive.

The XJ6 comes with some receipts though nothing shows any major or expensive repair. The Jaguar also comes with a Haynes repair manual that was most likely purchased out of enthusiasm and collectibility and not out of necessity. The car has a clear title and I can help arrange shipping to anywhere in the World.

Thank you for checking out this Classic Jaguar XJ6! Enjoy the two photo galleries below, watch the videos, and feel free to ask any questions you have on the car. -John Snell - SOLD.

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1987 Jaguar XJ6 1987 Jaguar XJ6 Interior
1987 Jaguar XJ6 Body Gallery 1987 Jaguar XJ6 Close-Up Gallery

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