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1973 Volkswagen Wild Westerner Camper Bus for Sale

This is a Cool Old VW Bay Window Bus
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Original shaggadelic 1970's colors! Originally a Safare Camper, Z-bed rear seat folds into bed

1973 Wild Westerner Camper Bus for sale

This is a 1973 Volkswagen Camper Bus for sale. This VW Bus belongs to a friend of mine and it has been his daily driver for summer months for about 4 years. The bus was a camper with a pop top that popped straight up but now it is a cool-looking passenger bus.

The paint colors are original to the bus and as I like to say, VW really took some chances back in the '70s. Times and style were pretty outlandish and the color on this bus is no exception. Some of the paint on the bus is original but it has had touch-up sprays throughout the years. But the exterior colors are original to the bus. Dubbed the Wild Westerner this Ravenna Green/Apple Green two tone color combination is a rare find!

The van starts right up and runs and drives well. All turn signals and lights work properly. The wheels are Audi and they match up with the original bolt pattern so stock wheels could be bolted right on to the bus if desired. I cleaned the rear of the bus prior to the photo shoot because it had a mist of oil on the rear due to an oil leak. The radio turns on but does not produce sound because there are no speakers hooked up. The brakes work to stop the bus but they do pull to one side when applied. The emergency brake works as it should and as I mentioned this bus is currently a daily driver for my friend.

The frame and undercarriage are nice and solid and much of the underside of this bus still has original paint. There are a few areas that have some rust starting on the front dog legs. For a completely detailed coverage of all areas on the bus just go through the additional photos in the close up gallery just below this description.

This bus is a great starter bus that could be fixed up over time or it can be enjoyed as it is cosmetically. It really gets the looks and everyone that sees this bus drools over the shaggadelic style! Owning a VW bus is lots of fun and this is a nice, affordable VW to get you into the club of VW Bus ownership!

There are photo galleries below to help you view every inch of this classic Bus and there is even a video showing how well the bus starts and runs. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Good luck winning the auction! -John Snell - SOLD

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of the interior and exterior of this fine 1973 Volkswagen Camper Bus

1973 Volkswagen Camper Bus 1973 Volkswagen Camper Bus Interior
1973 Volkswagen Camper Bus Body Gallery 1973 Volkswagen Camper Bus Close-Up Gallery

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