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1958 VW Bus for Sale

This is a Beautiful Classic '58 Volkswagen Bus
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Pressed bumpers, Nice Paint, Lowered, BRM wheels, 2180cc Engine!

1958 VW Bus for Sale

I have this fantastic 1958 9 Passenger VW Bus for sale. I have owned this bus for over 2 years. I have a collection of almost 20 classic Volkswagens and this bus is always everyone's favorite. I just bought a house and unfortunately for me I need to sell the bus, which means you have an opportunity to buy a really great VW bus.

I bought the bus in July of 2007. Since purchasing it I have done the following:

I also Installed the chromed out 2180cc motor. I traded a whole Volkswagen Thing for that motor! Your image of buses downshifting uphill will turn right around with this bus. It's powerful. It has a clear distributor cap too so you can show your friends the spark.

Last fall I went with the Twin Cities Volkswagen Club on their fall color cruise. We went to Rochester, Minnesota via Lake City. I drove the '58 about 200 miles that day. It ran perfectly and it always starts right up. It's a bit hard to not bury the speedometer needle ;) but this bus is a driver. The suspension is stiff but it is sure a reliable van. And it sure looks cool just sitting around for people to admire...

The interior seats have all been redone with the exception of the green middle seat which looks great in its amazing original condition. I bought a new front floor matt. The rear passenger area does not have a rubber matt nor does it have side panels. The bus has an original drink tray (behind the front seat) that is in very good condition, and the front door panels are also originals that are in good condition. The headliner is new and is the correct mohair but it was installed poorly.

When I got the bus it had the same great paint that is on it now. But the guy I bought it from went out of his way to show that the inner rockers and inner front nose weren't repaired properly before the bus was painted. This is all stuff you have to be laying on the ground to see and it doesn't affect safety. This is one of the reasons I lowered the bus! It looks very good from the sides and top down.

Since this web site and my Vintage VW Cars web site bring in a lot of search traffic for "vw bus for sale" I don't suppose this one will last long.

Thanks for looking! - John Snell

1958 9 Passenger VW Bus Photos

1958 VW Bus 1958 VW Bus Air-Cooled Engine
1958 VW Bus as the Sun Sets 1958 VW Bus Engine Close-Up

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1958 VW Bus for Sale

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1958 VW Bus for Sale