1950 Mercury 4 Door Sports Sedan for Sale

This is a Classic Mercury M74 Sports Sedan

Low mileage, Suicide rear doors, very original, overdrive, mostly stock, runs great!

1950 Mercury Eight Sedan for sale

We have a nice 1950 Mercury 4 Door Sedan for sale. Unlike most Mercury's of this vintage, this car is not chopped, lowered, or heavily modified. It's a largely original, low mileage classic. It has 99k orginal on the odometer and is being sold by the owner who has owned it since the early 1980s. The owner just sold his 1969 Porsche 912 and this is his other classic car.

This car starts, runs and drives great. It has overdrive and it has the original "3 on the tree" manual transmission. The dash and gauges are all unmodified and original. The car still has its original radio.

The manual choke is still hooked up and it works as it should. This classic Mercury cruises down the highway as smooth as can be. Perhaps you remember riding around in one of these cars back in the day...

My favorite part about the car is the rear suicide doors. The rear doors open from the front and the front doors open normally but you can open up the whole side of the car. You can have all the doors open and look right through the car if you dome right down to it.

And since 2 door Mercury Eight Coupes used to be more popular, these 4 door sedans with suicide doors have become quite rare. The bottom of the car has been treated to inhibit rust. The car has been stored every winter since this owner has had the car (so for at least 25+ years). The floors and frame of the car look to be in good shape. I have a lot of photos of the undercarriage (and of just about every other area of the car) in the close up photo gallery below. Just click the blue text or of the image of the interior or of the full body shot to page through the multiple pages of photographs in each of the two photo galleries.

The original owner's manual comes with the car, as does the jack and original motor. The fabric seats, door panels and headliner have all been refinished and are in great shape. The gauges on the dash, the steering wheel and the door handles are all original factory equipment.

It's a bit hard to tell from the photos but the car is a nice, original looking dark green color. The paint has a decent shine but it has its imperfections. The chrome is good in many spots but it shows wear overall. My guess is that the chrome on the car has not been reconditioned. As I've stated, it's a nice, original car. It's been stored in doors for at least the past 25 years, and my guess would be that the car has been stored indoors most of its life.

The horn works great and the car starts, shifts and stops well. These classic Mercury's really ride nicely and this car is no exception. The dome light and clock are not working but the gas gauge, oil pressure gauge and other dash gauges work as they should. The speedometer and the odometer showing the 99k original miles all work as they should. The turn signal indicator lights in the speedometer cluster light up and work as they should.

It's not often you find a car that you can jump in and use as a daily driver as is. There are no heavy modifications and the car really hasn't been tinkered with much over the past 58 years. Hopefully this is the kind of car a true enthusiast can appreciate! Thanks for your interest!

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of the interior and exterior of this fine 1950 Mercury 4 Door M74 Sports Sedan

1950 Mercury Eight Sedan 1950 Mercury Eight Sedan Suicide Doors
1950 Mercury Sports Sedan Body Gallery 1950 Mercury Sports Sedan Close-Up Gallery

See this Classic 1950 Mercury Eight Sedan in action below:
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