Hand Built "Camarossa" for Sale

This is a "Ferrari Testarossa" made from an '86 Camaro

Hand Built All-Metal Car - Appraised at $106,760! Beautiful inside and out.

hand built 1986 Ferrari Testarossa for sale

We have this unique hand built exotic car for sale. Let me introduce the Camerossa a tribute to the classic Ferrari Testarossa. This car was hand-crafted by a metal smith and no expense was spared in the building of this gorgeous car! There are fewer than 500 miles since the completion of this fine automobile. An insurance apprasial on the car lists the replacement cost for this beauty at $106,760.

This car is a one of a kind, hand-built steel exotic car. Each panel was shaped and prepared piece by piece over a 3 year period. The front fenders were cut, lengthened, and rolled. The hood was lengthened and reshaped on the whole top surface. The entire front end and grill were hand shaped. The entire bottom rocker panels, the doors, and quarter panels were all hand built.

Each slot on the doors were individually made and prepared specifically for their respective spot on the car. The trunk lid was reworked from the hood panel and after being cut, shaped and reworked now covers the storage compartment behind the rear window. The back of the roof was lengthened and shaped to receive the cut glass in the rear as was the quarter glass on either side of the car. The gas cap was moved from the side of the quarter panel to the topside of the car. The rear end was shaped and formed entirely out of steel. It consists of stock Camaro tail lights with a rolled pan continuing below the car with an F50 style exhaust portal at the bottom. Hand built mirrors on each side accentuates the side louvers and the grilles front and back.

To top off this exotic sports car a James Bond style rotating licence plate was created to set the mood for this extreme ride. The wheels were custom made by Boyd Codington specifically for this car for a whopping $5000 and they fit the car beautifully. The wheels are fitted with Ferrari signature series P-ZERO low profile racing tires.

The suspension is brand new with heavy-duty shocks, 2 inch lowering springs, beefed up trailing arms, racing sway bar grommets and more! It has new slatted, cross-drilled rotors and new calipers both front and rear with racing brake pads. The rear end is an Australian 9 bolt with 3:45 gears.

The car is fitted with a ram air inducted small block Chevy Engine with new pistons, rings, rollers and rockers that pushes close to 500 HP! The engine has hot cam corvette heads, air gap intake, 700 Holley Street Avenger carburetor, hot ignition, and race wires. A Holley high volume fuel pump was also added to feed this fire-breathing animal. Transmission is a rebuilt 5 speed with a new clutch and pressure plate.

A new AC system including a new big core radiator keeps things cool in the beautifully detailed cabin.

The exhaust system consists of summit racing headers, X pipe for back pressure, bullet flow pro mufflers, and black stainless steel exhaust tips out the back.

The interior has been given the same hand-crafted Ferrari treatment as was given to the outside. The gauge package was replaced with phantom gauges. A 200 MPH Speedo, and big phantom tachometer and the fuel gauge make up the complete package. A Hand built center counsel with a Ferrari Style Shift Gate take up the space between the gorgeous buckskin leather front seats.

A complete sound system, race grip pedals, and an interior to match the Ferrari's Mystique complete this one-of-a-kind sports car. This car is guaranteed to attract attention and it draws a crowd in any arena. If you're looking for absolute driving excitement, comfort and luxury, this is the specialty car for you.

hand built 1986 Ferrari Testarossa Interiorhand built 1986 Ferrari Testarossa Wheel

hand built 1986 Ferrari Testarossa Interiorhand built 1986 Ferrari Testarossa Interior

1986 Ferrari Testarossa 1986 Ferrari Testarossa engine
1986 Ferrari Camarossa 1986 Ferrari Camarossa Engine

See this 1986 Camerossa in action below:

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