1975 Pontiac Grand LeMans for Sale

350 V8 engine with a 2 barrel carburetor - runs great!

1975 Pontiac LeMans for Sale

We have a very nice 1975 Pontiac Grand LeMans for sale. (We previously described it as a Sports Coupe but it's actually the more valuable Grand LeMans formerly called the Luxury LeMans) The odometer shows only 29,508 miles which the owner says is the actual mileage on the car. Judging by the condition of the original Lake Mist Green paint, the condition of the interior, and the tightness of the steering and handling I too believe this to be actual mileage. Looking under the hood at the very clean engine is also a good indication that this Grand LeMans does in fact have under 30,000 original miles on it.

The car comes with the original owner’s manual and dealer sales brochure.

This classic 2-door coupe LeMans is fitted with a 350 V8 with a 2 barrel carburetor! It has power steering and an automatic transmission. It REALLY drives like a dream. I can’t tell you how comfortable and relaxing this car rides…

The classic styling on this '75 model LeMans retains features lost on later models. Body styles were all based on GM's Colonnade hardtop design for both sedans and coupes that included center pillars for improved rollover safety standards but eliminated true hardtop design, along with frameless windows similar to a hardtop. Here are the features that really make this early model LeMans stand out:

  • The stylish grill
  • In-line tail lights
  • Round headlights
  • Original classic rims
  • Streamlined front end
  • Vinyl top

Enjoy the videos and picture galleries, and email or call with any questions!

Click an image below for many more detailed photos
of the interior and exterior of this fine 1975 Pontiac LeMans

1975 Pontiac LeMans 1975 Pontiac LeMans grille
Pontiac LeMans Body Gallery Pontiac LeMans Close-Up Gallery

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See this Classic Pontiac Grand LeMans in action below:
Videos include virtual test-drive, drive by, walk-a-round and more!

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