1967 Series 1 Jaguar XKE Convertible for Sale

Classic 1967 Jaguar XKE E-Type

Completely Restored by Award-Winning Richard Grenon

1967 Jaguar XKE for sale

This is a beautiful and rare open headlight Series 1 Jaguar XKE for sale. Very few open headlight cars were produced at the end of the Series 1 Jaguar run making them among the rarest of all production E-Types. Just like the earlier Series 1 Jaguar E-types, this 1967 XKE has the triple bow convertible top frame, three SU carburetors, polished aluminum cam covers, single radiator fan, and toggle switches on the dash. Open headlights brighten the road far better than the covered examples, so this rare combination provides the uniqueness and novelty of earlier cars with the added benefit of being able to drive it practically and more safely after dark. Regardless of the rarity, this example is the nicest XKE of any style I have had the pleasure to offer for sale.

No one disputes the beauty and elegance of a Jaguar XKE. Few cars combine style, performance and class like an E-Type Jaguar. I will never forget the first time I saw one in person. I was at one of my first car shows and there in the European class, with the hood open to the World, was a car unlike any other I had ever seen in person. What a masterpiece of design and style. Owning one has been a dream of mine ever since.

The goal when searching for an investment grade Jaguar XKE is to find a car of the highest caliber for the best price. This example was restored to the highest specification possible by the award winning restoration shop of Richard Grenon. Richard's restorations have been showcased at Pebble Beach, and if you are looking for the best of the best, you want to own a car restored by Richard Grenon. ( http://www.drivingthebest.com ).

Auction prices of early Series 1 E-Types have been setting records as of late by surpassing the $400,000 mark. The time to grab on to these rising investments has possibly never been better.

This car has just 3k miles on it since a complete restoration in 1993. That is just enough miles to get things sorted, and the car now performs magically and it looks like new. The three SU carburetors feed the rebuilt 4.2L straight 6 cylinder engine for performance that will push you back in your seat with each press of the throttle. On our test drive this car hit 50 mpr in second gear just seconds after rounding a 90 degree turn. There is some thrilling test drive video at the bottom of this listing.

There are over 200 photos of this Series 1 Jaguar XKE. Take some time to view the photos and videos and feel free to let me know if you have any questions. I sell Worldwide and I have 100% positive feedback selling cars sight-unseen, so I would be happy to help you get this E-Type Jaguar into your garage. Thanks for checking out this 1967 Jaguar XKE 4.2 for sale!

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