2003 VW Eurovan MV for Sale

A/C, CD Player w/ iPod Input, Rear Bed, Brand New Tires, 201 HP Variable Cam Motor

2003 VW Eurovan MV Minivan for sale

As a tip of the hat to our success in selling classic VW buses, we are pleased to offer this 2003 Eurovan MV for sale! If you have been shopping for Eurovans, you probably have already learned the 2001, 2002, and the 2003 models are the most sought after. They are the only Eurovans to have the 201HP variable cam motor. That's the same engine that is in the sporty GTI!

Among the different models of Eurovans available, the MV is the one to own. The MV's offer some of the benefits of a Westfalia at about 1/2-1/3 the cost. The EuroVan MV models like the one shown here have a rear seat that folds down into a large rear bed! The MV Eurovans have a fold up table with a nice, florescent light above it. These special models also feature rear facing jump seats. All of these features tuck away so you can have the convenience of a passenger van with the hidden amenities of a camping, picnic or drive-in movie vehicle!

So now that you probably have decided on an '01-'03 Eurovan MV, it's time to tell you about this specific one we have for sale. This 2003 Eurovan has a CD player with remote and an iPod hook up so you can simply plug in your portable iPod. You will have your entire music collection available to you on long and comfortable road trips.

This VW minivan has ice cold A/C. There is a temperature control panel for the rear passengers to assure easy and comfortable heating and cooling for everyone. There are cup holders in the front and rear passenger areas. And the best thing about this van is that everything works. The cruise control works, the wipers, headlights, brights, and dash controls all operate exactly as they should. The van starts up the second you hit the key, and the shifting and braking are as smooth as can be.

Brand new tires were just installed on the VW rims and you can still see the nubbies on the new tires. The exhaust system is also new, and the windshield was just replaced so your vision will be nice and clear. Actual mileage on the van is 109k. The packet of original owner's manuals is still with the van for easy reference on how to operate all of the special features on this MV model VW Eurovan. And I have to ad that I love the beautiful blue color of this one...

Please take a moment to enjoy the two photo galleries below so you can really appreciate the great condition of this 2003 Eurovan MV. Feel free to call with any questions or interest! Thanks for checking out this listing, and good luck to you in acquiring one of the best VW Eurovans out there for sale! -John Snell - SOLD

Click an image below for many more detailed photos
of the interior and exterior of this fine 2003 VW Eurovan MV

2003 VW Eurovan MV Minivan 2003 VW Eurovan MV Minivan Interior
2003 VW Eurovan MV Minivan Body Gallery 2003 VW Eurovan MV Minivan Close-Up Gallery

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