1985 VW Iltis for Sale

This is a Rare and Rugged VW Bombardier 4x4

Include's soft top, hard top, removable doors and side curtains.

1985 VW Iltis for sale

We have this mighty fine VW Iltis for sale. My guess is that if you show up at your local VW show in this Iltis Bombardier most people won't even know what just rolled up! Not only will you be the only one on your block with an Iltis, but you may be the only one in your State with such a rare and unique vehicle.

This 4x4 VW was made to last. It has removable doors, a canvas soft top and it comes with many rare accessories. My favorite accessory is the tall bar that fits in the front bumper. One side of the steel rod is sharp and it's designed to cut "trip wire" that may be strung across your woodsy path. Without this you may loose your head and fall prey to enemy scheming. Ok. That probably wouldn't happen but this is just one of many fun features on this car that will keep a crowd interested at any outing.

The VW Iltis was designed for troops stationed in Germany. There are not many in the US as they were never imported. These are very versatile vehicles and they are a ton of fun! Who would have ever thought you would have the opportunity to have your very own German military vehicle? With four wheel drive you can go almost anywhere. Don't let this unique opportunity pass you buy--who knows when the next one will come up for sale? Perhaps you'll never see one for sale again.

Call John Snell with any interest or questions. Thanks for looking! - SOLD.

This rare VW Iltis has sold but if you own an Iltis find VW Iltis parts for sale below:

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of the interior and exterior of this great 1985 VW Iltis 4x4

1985 VW Iltis Bombardier 1985 VW Iltis Bombardier Interior
1985 VW Iltis Body Gallery 1985 VW Iltis Close-Up Gallery

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