1969 Porsche 912 for Sale

This is a Stunning Classic 1969 Porsche 912
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Rebuilt engine, rust-free California Car, this is a turn key car that is ready to enjoy!

1969 Porsche 912 for sale

I am pleased to offer this beautiful 1969 Porsche 912 for sale. This is an extremely nice example that is mechanically perfect. It is truly a turn key car. The desirable silver over black color combination is original to the car. This car was purchased from California in 2006 as a painted body with the windows still out of the car. It was reassembled using the original interior that is still in nearly perfect condition. Local Porsche Guru Al Lee tuned the car to perfection. Compression on the numbers matching engine is excellent: 145, 145, 145 and 140. The correct black "bat-wing" Knecht air cleaners still sit atop the two Solex carburetors.

This Porsche 912 is an original black plate car and it spent its entire life in California up until two years ago. Registration and receipts show this car still has the correct ZYC 485 license plate. Since it lived in the pampered climate of Southern California the body was rust and accident free even before it was re-sprayed in 2005.

It's always a relief to see a Porsche 912 that isn't modified with aftermarket carburetors or poorly placed speaker holes in the dash and door panels. Not only is the interior original, there aren't even any cracks on the original dash. The seats and door panels are in very good shape. My guess is that this car has been garage kept since new.

All 5 of the optional chrome Porsche wheels are date coded for 4/69. This car has a period correct Becker Europa radio. It is not hooked up so I can not testify as to the operating condition though it looks very nice and correct in the dash. The tachometer, speedometer and odometer (original mileage is 140k) all function properly. Even the original clock works!

The car runs and drives like it is brand new. To see how effortlessly the car starts and shifts take a moment to enjoy the videos on the car below. There are a few improvements that actually help it operate even better than when it was brand new. With a mechanical fuel pump you typically have to turn the engine over and over and pump the gas to build pressure in the fuel line before the engine will fire. So for convenience, reliability and for more enjoyment the car now has an electric fuel pump. Now even if the car sits idle for 10 or 20 days the engine with fire right up the second you hit the key. The car also has a brand new battery.

The original engine has been rebuilt with a big bore kit so it has more "get up and go" than it did from the showroom floor. The car now sports H4 flat Hella headlights and Hella 128 amber fog lights.

In addition to this being an extremely nice example of a 1969 Porsche 912, there are a few small points of interest that make the car even more special. There is a decal on the passenger side quarter window reading "Porsche Victor '70 '71 '72 LeMans. There is a '69 "NAC Schleifart" Rally badge on the rear grill. And there is even the "Smog exempt" California sticker still on the front windshield.

There are multiple pages of photos in the two galleries below. Enjoy! Feel free to ask any questions.
-John Snell

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1969 Porsche 912 1969 Porsche 912 Interior
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