1966 Dodge Coronet for Sale

This is a Famous Classic 1966 Dodge Coronet V8

Larry Gopnik's 1966 Coronet from the Coen Brothers movie A Serious Man!

1966 Dodge Coronet for sale in Minneapolis

I am pleased to offer this famous 1966 Dodge Coronet for sale. This is the 1966 Dodge Coronet in the Coen Brothers film "A Serious Man".

This '66 four door Dodge Coronet sedan belonged to Larry Gopnik, the main character in the Coen Brother's film "A Serious Man" that was filmed in the Twin Cities, MN. There were four cars used for the film and this car is the only car that had a V8 Engine! Of the '66 Coronets used in the film, one Coronet had no rear seat and was gutted out enough so it could fit a camera, Ethan or Joel, and as many as two others behind the scenes. (That car is shown rigged with cameras in a few of my photos below.) Another car was used in the three car accident between an Impala, the Coronet and another car (take a look at the video of this scene in the "A Serious Man" gallery below). Then there were two nice cars rounding out the fleet used for the movie (the other being a 6 cylinder and this V8 up for auction). This car was used in many scenes throughout the movie I'm happy to emphasize a "stunt double" was used for that crash scene (not this car up for auction).

I was on set for that day of shooting because I have a business relationship with the guy who books cars for movies and commercials here in the Twin Cities. He booked all the cars for this new Coen Brothers movie and my own '67 Coronet Convertible was rented for the set. That day of shooting was the first day I laid eyes on this Dodge Coronet shown. This beautiful car has only 80k original miles, the interior is original and it is still in very nice condition. The body was painted just prior to the movie in single stage paint as to be period correct. The wheel wells and floors are all in good shape. This is a great example of what a nearly new Dodge Coronet would have looked like in 1967.

The car runs and drives great. The car has new brakes and they work as they should without leaking any fluid (though the emergency brake is not functional). The engine sound is nice and quiet. The engine idles fine and it's really an enjoyable, relaxing ride. I had my mechanic inspect the car to make sure it is accurately described and running well.

Oh and by the way this '66 Dodge Coronet has a V8 under the hood! There are photos of the motor in the close up photo gallery if you're interested in that kind of thing. But the V8 was a nice surprise for me and it sure looks original to the car. So that's pretty fun even if you are just a car guy. If you're a movie guy and a car guy or gal, well then this could be the perfect (and endlessly fun) car for you. It's nice to meet anyone who is a fan of the Coen Bros or films in general and I appreciate anyone taking the time to look at these photos and vidoes.

There is a second nice car not gutted or crashed that recently ran on eBay (6 cylinder of course). I went to the Mall of America to see it Wednesday as the auction stated it was on display during the auction but it was not there. I also emailed the seller of that car asking if there was a phone number where I could reach someone and I also asked where the car was but I never heard back from anyone. I did notice every photo used in that auction could have been acquired by anyone with or without possession of the car, but just as a general rule to be safe be sure you correspond with a seller (by phone is best) prior to buying anything on-line.

I grew up in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and the Coen Brothers are my favorite directors. My favorite film of all time is the Big Lebowski (and Harold and Maude is up there too, but anyway...). I feel so fortunate to have this car. With the sale the new owner will get photos from my day on the shoot including a photo with me and Ethan Coen (I'll even autograph it :-) I am very excited about this new film not only to showcase this car but I'm also excited to see any new Coen Brothers film!

Enjoy the photo galleries just below this written description so you can view every inch of this car and if you have any questions just let me know. One gallery below is from my day on set so enjoy the photos and even videos of the movie shoot! A few of those framed photos would look great on display at the next car show. More videos of this fine 1966 Dodge Coronet running and driving can be found below as well.

I am happy to assist with shipping if needed as I sell cars Worldwide on a regular basis. Thank you again and please enjoy the many photos and video! -John Snell

Click an image below for many more detailed photos
of the interior and exterior of this fine 1966 Dodge Coronet

1966 Dodge Coronet Passenger Side 1966 Dodge Coronet Interior
1966 Dodge Coronet Body Gallery 1966 Dodge Coronet Close-Up Gallery
Coen Brothers A Serious Man Movie Shoot
Coen Brothers "A Serious Man" Movie Shoot

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