1962 VW Beetle for Sale

This is a Nicely Restored Volkswagen Bug
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Factory Sliding Sunroof, New Tires, Original 6 Volt System, Rebuilt Orig. Engine, Runs Great!

1962 VW Beetle for Sale

This is a beautifully restored 1962 VW Beetle for sale. This is a rare factory cloth sliding sunroof model. I think this is the only Volkswagen I've ever had that didn't even drip a drop of oil! If you are looking for a great car to relive your youth, or if you want to buy that special someone a gift you know they will love, you can’t do any better than this classic 1962 VW Beetle!

There are a lot of great things about the original classic VW Bug. They are very simple and inexpensive to maintain and operate, and everyone who sees them can’t help but smile. This example starts, runs and drives excellently. It has a brand new battery, new tires and it runs, steers and cruises down the road very smoothly.

The color on this Sunroof Bug is perhaps my favorite color ever offered on a classic Volkswagen: L380 Turquoise (Turkis). Amazingly the turquoise on the interior of the car is original paint! The dash face, the inside of the doors, and the area above the windshield are in the same beautifully applied coat of paint sprayed at the factory way back in February of 1962. The 50 year old sticker showing the paint color is still in the trunk. The original jack is in the trunk too.

The exterior paint is very nice. All of the glass was removed when the exterior of this bug was painted for a very thorough job. New window rubber, new door rubber, new fender beading and new turn signal rubber were all installed during reassembly. This was a thorough restoration and the end result is the great-looking sunroof Beetle you see for sale here today.

The headliner, seat upholstery, door panels and carpet are all new and in very good condition. The canvas sunroof opens and closes easily, and the original Golde sunroof handle clinches the sunroof closed with a very tight fit. All of the new window and door rubber help the car seal up nicely for a very cozy feel. The doors open and close perfectly and easily.

This car was “born” in February 1962. The VIN is 4557115. The little VW Bug runs on its original 6 Volt system and the little guy is powered by the famed 40 hp 1200cc air-cooled engine. The engine is peppy, it starts the second you hit the key, and it idles perfectly. I was told the engine was rebuilt when the car was restored and it runs strong and dry like a fresh rebuild. The odometer reads 3250. Actual mileage is hard to gauge on older cars since there is no 100k digit in the odometer. The actual milage is probably is 103,250 or possibly 3250 miles since the restoration and rebuild). It is common for classic VW Beetles of this era to get 30-35 mpg or more.

If you have always dreamed of owning a simple yet charming classic car, Volkswagens have a long history of being welcomed in as a loving member of the family! And this colorful egg-shapped beauty would make for a very memorable Easter egg hunt!! What a fun surprise that would be :-) Check out the two photo galleries via the links below the featured photos so you will know every inch of this car, enjoy the videos, and good luck winning the auction on this classic 1962 VW Beetle Sunroof! –John Snell

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1962 VW Beetle Body Photo 1962 VW Beetle Interior
1962 VW Beetle Body Gallery 1962 VW Beetle Close-Up Gallery

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