1962 Porsche 356B T6 Coupe for Sale

This is a Cool Classic 1962 Porsche 356 Sports Car

Correct Super 75HP motor, Rebuilt Carbs and Fuel System

1962 Porsche 356B T6 Coupe for sale

We have this great running and driving 1962 Porsche 356B T6 Coupe for sale. I am currently restoring my own '62 Coupe so I'm a fan of this year car! This car is one you can just jump in and enjoy as a nice looking, mechanically sound driver. It has a beautiful interior and the color is unique. It's Porsche Togo Brown. This car is a breath of fresh air in a group of white and red cars. I don't see this Porsche 356 color at every 356 get together.

The chassis number is 210218 and the engine number is P 701822. This was originally a California car as illustrated by service stickers, other graphics and most importantly the rust free chassis and nice panel fit. This Porsche appears to have 103,613 miles on the odometer which is most likely correct based on the documentation that exists and by the condition of the car.

This car was originally painted Ivory, and the present tan interior may be original. The interior is in very nice condition. Other than the repaint the car has not been changed in any other way. The Super 75 horsepower motor appears to be correct and it's in great running condition.

The entire fuel system was cleaned recently. The fuel tank was removed and cleaned, the carburators were rebuilt as was the the fuel pump. All rubber gas lines were also replaced.

A full tune-up including a valve adjustment and oil change was also done recently. The rings and valves work properly so there is no engine blow by and the car has good compression. There has been significant brake work down to the car at some point in the past upon examination. The 4 speed transmission shifts smoothly and with no grinding between gears. There are a set of four Michelin tires on the car.

The car is complete minus a tool kit and owners manual. There are some items that are not working on the dash and are probably from non-use by the previous owner. The key ways to the door locks need cleaning, but the locks work well. New felt in the window channels would help to more easily roll the windows up and down.

From the outside a knowledgable enthusiest will see what appears to be a new front clip that was not placed on exactly straight. You can not readily see any damage unless you open the front trunk. There are also signs of a clip at some point on top of the drivers fender.

The front hood opens and closes as it should and the gap is quite good. When you open the front hood you see that not everything was repaired. The battery box is functional as is but it may need replacement eventually. The area immediately behind the battery box where the spare tire rests needs to have the metal pulled back out. You can investigate the trunk in the photo gallery below. None of these things affect the driveability of the car nor any other function. A casual observer walking around the car wouldn't notice that any work was done to the front.

This car doesn't need anything to start hitting the road and fulfilling the new owner. Feel free to call or email with any questions. John Snell

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