1959 VW Beetle Cabriolet for Sale

This Classic 1959 VW Bug Convertible has Sold to Italy

Numbers Matching 36hpr motor, Never Restored. Completely Original.

1959 VW Bug Convertible for Sale

We have a nice original 1959 VW Bug Convertible for sale. If you've always wanted to own a VW Beetle Convertible from the '50's this is your chance. This car could hardly be more original. It was manufactured in Western Germany in late October, 1958. By the time it arrived to the shores of the USA it was already 1959 so it is titled as a '59. It has the original, matching 36 hpr engine also date coded for late Oct. 1959. The VIN is 2183190 and the engine number is 2658989. The interior and top are original and the dash features a 50's era Signature Custom radio.

This beautiful Karmann Beetle Cabriolet sports the following:

  • Original Engine
  • Brand New Brakes!
  • Original top and frame
  • Original Seats and Door Panels
  • Correct 4 tab hood
  • Correct "H" Pattern Rear Apron
  • Hella Lenses and more...

This is the oldest Beetle Convertible I've ever owned. I replaced all the fuel line and I also put in a new fuel tap in the bottom of the gas tank. Since I've owned it I treated it to all new brakes. The brakes probably only have 75 miles on them. I replaced the master cylinder, metal brake lines, Brake hoses, wheel cylinders, and shoes.

The engine starts right up and runs/idles fine, and the car has a newer 6 volt battery. It is something you can jump in and hit the key and have it fire right up. It's anxious to drive and be enjoyed. I have put about 150 miles on it since doing the brakes and getting it running. It starts up every time.

There is a hole under where the battery mounts so the new battery is sitting on wood. The rest of the floors are original and look good. It would need the side support rails replaced if you want to restore the car to factory specs. As you can hear in the video the doors open and shut very nicely.

The car has never been in an accident and all of the metal on the car is original. Even the lower quarter panels are in great shape and free of any filler. The whole car is free of filler since the car has never had a full repaint. There is no replacement for original, thick gauged German sheet metal. And as you can see the car is nice and straight. Painting this car wouldn't take much compared with other non-restored candidates. Just adding a carpet kit would do a lot for this car. Then you could just enjoy it as it is until you have the funds to fix it up further.

It's fun to drive around in. My girlfriend and I drove it around on the highway through the trees during sunset last night. "This is the life", she said. And everyone loves Volkswagens. If you've ever had an old VW you'll be full of nostalgia and excitement when this little Volkswagen arrives at your door.

I can help with shipping. I sell about 4 cars per month and they are sold all over the World. Just let me know if you need help shipping and I'll refer you to a great and affordable shipping company.

Thanks for checking out this classic VW Convertible! Feel free to call or email with any questions. - John Snell

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of the interior and exterior of this fine 1959 Karmann-built Bug Convertible!

1959 VW Bug Convertible 1959 VW Bug Convertible Interior
1959 VW Bug Convertible Gallery 1959 VW Beetle Interior Gallery

See this Classic 1959 Beetle Convertible in action below:
Watch Three Walk Around Videos and Two Test Drive Videos!

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