1935 Rolls-Royce 20/25 for Sale

This is a Classic 1935 Rolls 20/25 Limousine
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Originally sold in London, Coach built by Windovers, Right-Hand Drive, Roof Opens over Driver!

1935 Rolls Royce 20/25 Limousine for sale

We have a beautiful 1935 Rolls Royce Limousine 20/25 for sale. The model is a Sedanca de Ville which is an open car for the town. The front half of the roof slides back into the rear half so the driver is open leaving only the rear cabin enclosed. There is a roll up divider that further isolates the rear part of the car. All four doors open in reverse fashion and the car is right hand drive.

The engine always starts right up and the car runs and drives nicely. This classic Rolls Royce has a very colorful past and it is now it is ready for the next chapters in its life.

One of the most enjoyable features on the car is the convertible front roof section. The portion of the roof above the driver slides into the rear of the roof so the car becomes an open cruiser. You will feel like a king as you pilot this right-hand-drive limousine through the countryside. There is also a rolling center screen that gives privacy to the occupants of the plush rear seating area. In the rear there are mirrors and mood lights all behind the privacy of one way glass...

This particular Rolls Royce was originally delivered to a Ms. Allen of London, England. The dealer plate in the door jam reads HAROLD RADFORD & CO. LTD. The previous owner shared stories about a life in India in the hands of an Indian Prince, and of the car being used in Stage Shows at the Tropicana Casino in Las Vegas. The owner of the Tropicana was a close advisor to the famous Minnesota Politician Hubert H Humphry. The car is still here in Minnesota. It sure is fun picturing the beautiful, fancily dressed ladies all pouring out of the car to the roar of applause.

Most recently the car was used for special occasions by a specialty classic limousine service here in the Twin Cities so it is a mechanically sound driver.

The car was regularly maintained by an expert mechanic who within the last month just rebuilt the starter. The car starts and runs well and it is ready for the next owner to enjoy. There is a manual choke dial on the dash that moves easily with the touch of your thumb. On the steering wheel itself are adjustments for the throttle position, ignition timing and riding control. All of those gages operate as they should and the knobs are fun to adjust. The car seems to idle and runs well no matter the settings. The emergency brake works fine and the headlights are huge and beautiful when lit. Day or night this car is a real treat to drive.

Not only does the driver's compartment open up to the Heavens but the front windscreen opens so you can feel the summer breeze on your face. The front windshield has three different settings from completely closed (vertical) to completely open (horizontal). There are two beautifully designed hinges holding the bottom of the windscreen in place. The hinges open up to allow the front screen to be open a comfortable two inches at the bottom.

The semaphores side turn indicators are on the car and are bypassed for more recognizable turn signals. The horn on the car works and the engine starts the second you hit the starter button. The engine runs nicely and it purrs quietly as it idles according to the manual choke settings. Take a look at the videos below showing the car starting, idling, and also cruising along comfortably at highway speeds. The fuel gauge is not working but the odometer works so fuel consumption can be tracked by mileage.

There is a folding TV screen and entertainment center in the rear that was installed at a cost of nearly $10,000. The DVD player and the stereo are very cool and it makes this Rolls Royce that much "over the top" as far as exotic cars go. The system puts a drain on the battery so I disconnect the battery for periods of non use. The wiring for the system makes it so the divider window opens only about 95% as it stops about 2 inches from the bottom. All of the wiring from the system should be relocated as it also makes it very difficult to open the convertible roof section. The mechanic who has maintained the car for years was able to get the roof section open for us but he said the roof should either be kept open or closed. If closed it may not reopen all the way again. I have garaged the car and always keep the front section open because it is such a treat to drive the car that way. Although with it closed it is a very comfortable and quiet ride.

The starter was just rebuilt and mechanically it starts, runs, stops and idles great. It is very fun to drive and everyone stops to stare at this royal beauty. It's certainly a rare and exotic car that turns heads wherever it goes.

Please take the time to enjoy even more photos via the two photo galleries below. There are several videos below too! Thanks for checking out this classic 1935 Rolls Royce! -John Snell

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1935 Rolls Royce Limousine 1935 Rolls Royce Limousine Interior
1935 Rolls Royce Limousine Body Gallery 1935 Rolls Royce Limousine Close-Up Gallery

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