1929 Mercedes Gazelle Kit Car for Sale

This is a Nice Classic Mercedes Gazelle Replica

Beautifuly detailed. Nice driving Gazelle

1929 Mercedes Gazelle for sale

Very nice 1929 Mercedes Gazelle replica for sale. These kits are a great way to feel like a million bucks without spending a fortune. This Gazelle kit car is powered by a 350 Chevy motor so you'll have plenty of opportunity to feel the wind in your hair with this one. This is a great summer car and it's perfect for a drive around the lake or through the woods.

Check out the photo gallery via the photo link below. This has a tasteful interior finished with white gauges and wrap-around leather throughout. Who wouldn't like this fun car in their garage? Don't forget to enjoy life--it's all you have.

John Snell

Click below for many more detailed photos of the interior
and exterior of this fine 1929 Mercedes Gazelle

1929 Mercedes Gazelle Interior
1929 Mercedes Gazelle Photo Gallery

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