1923 Ford T-Bucket Hot Rod for Sale

5000 miles since completion. Rebuilt Buick Nailhead Engine & 2 Speed Powerglide Transmission

1923 Ford T-Bucket for sale

We have a stunning Ford T-Bucket Hot Rod for sale here in Minnesota. This is one of the Hottest Hot Rod styles ever--The Ford T-Bucket. With its exposed engine, open front wheels and windowless cabin you will truly feel like you're riding pure horsepower! This is a very affordable example of these classic hotrods. By fixing just a few items on this car you'll be cruising the miracle mile at speeds that will blow the smile right off your face. This fiberglass kit car is light so the horsepower to weight ratio allows you to give fun ride after fun ride to all of your friends and relatives. There are disc brakes up front and drum in the rear so not only does this hot rod take off fast, it stops fast.

This classic kit is believed to have been completed in the early 1970's making it a Vintage, well, a vintage vintage kit. There's kind of a double vintage thing going on here. But soon after this car was completed the T-bucket was placed in a barn and stored away. This past summer the T was taken out of the barn and placed back on the road. Today there are just 5164 miles on the odometer!

The engine and heads on this Hot Rod are aluminum. The current owner suspects the rebuild engine is a Buick Nailhead. The engine number is 1358988. Since the the block and heads are aluminum it sounds like this is a 300 cid motor from the mid 60's. The T-bucket is fitted with a Powerglide 2 speed transmission.

The few items saving you thousands on this kit vs. the other T-buckets for sale are fairly easy fixes and are as follows: The sending unit and the filler on top of the gas tank both need new gaskets as they leak. The passenger side front suspension needs a new king pin. The transmission pan leaks some and it needs a new gasket. This should be all this T-bucket needs before you can go cruising down the freeway at any speed you like. If tinkering and improving rides is your thing you could throw some front shocks up front to make the ride even smoother. That really should be about it. Looking around at the rest of the car and most everything has already been done. You can even jump in and drive it how it is but the king pin makes things squirly above 40 mpr.

Please be sure to check out the two photo galleries to view every last part of this classic T. You can even hear the smooth-running Buick Nailhead engine in the videos (coming soon just below this description). Please email or call with questions before bidding and GOOD LUCK getting this awesome-looking T in your Garage! World-wide buyers welcome.

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of the interior and exterior of this fine 1923 Ford T-Bucket Hotrod

1923 Ford T-Bucket for Sale 1923 Ford T-Bucket Engine
1923 Ford T-Bucket Hot Rod Body Gallery 1923 Ford T-Bucket Hot Rod Close-Up Gallery

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